The Erin Napier-Favored Kitchen Cabinet Trend That's Making A Comeback In 2024

The colored kitchen cabinet trend may be growing outdated, making room for the wood look to come back. In 2024, many homeowners are swapping their overly sleek, painted cabinets for rustic wood options. After all, instead of trying to make your kitchen look hyper-contemporary, going with a more traditional wood cabinet can add a calming charm to the space. HGTV's Erin Napier enjoys the classic wood look, adding it throughout her own property. "All the cozy rooms with dark wood make it seem as if you're sitting beside a fire — that is the dream for me. I love this style so, so much," Napier told Southern Living.

So, wood cabinets are excellent for people who prefer warm, cozy-looking trends over ultra-modern options. Plus, there are over 3,000 posts dedicated to #woodkitchencabinets on Instagram, proving that while not the boldest or most glamorous trend, that natural look can still appear beautiful. So, are you ready to embrace your rustic side and give wooden kitchen cabinets a chance?

Shopping for wood cabinets

Do you want to bring those back-in-style wooden kitchen cabinets into your home, but you aren't sure where to start or what to look for? Before you overhaul your kitchen, you should know that new kitchen cabinets typically cost anywhere from about $2,000 to over $10,000, with an average price of $6,000. Since the investment will probably cost you thousands of dollars, you should be confident in your decision. You want to commit to the look and genuinely enjoy it in the long term and not just because it's trendy in 2024.

Also, remember that not all wood cabinets look the same. So, think about the different options and the looks that will best complement your current kitchen and style preferences. If you like darker wood cabinets, for instance, consider a walnut finish with clean lines, as it appears super sophisticated. Or, look to hickory in traditional styles, ideal for people who want something versatile. You can also browse white oak options with metal trim for an uber-modern take.

Laminate cabinets are another option

If you like the trending-again wood kitchen cabinet look but aren't 100% sure about the material, some laminate options offer a similar look. Plus, if you don't want to invest in solid wood, laminate cabinets are typically less expensive. Some of them, like the Mapleton from Kitchen Hill, look so real that most guests won't even know they aren't genuine wood. Plus, they're easier to clean and are resistant to staining from food splatters. And, they can hold up better to scratches and the wear and tear that comes with a busy kitchen.

Believe it or not, even the Napiers approve of using budget-friendly materials to capture trending looks. "There are a lot of affordable options out there that give the house a fresh look while also not breaking the budget... There's good laminate, there are good butcher blocks, there are more affordable stone options," Ben Napier told Business Insider