Are Thick Countertops The Next Big Kitchen Design Trend? What Pinterest Thinks

A countertop is an indelible part of a functional kitchen. So, naturally, you want the countertop material to be durable enough to withstand the demands of a busy cooking space. But what about aesthetic appeal? This is where Pinterest's take on the next big kitchen design trend comes in — thick countertops. As the name suggests, these countertops are thicker than the normal 1.25- to 1.5-inches of regular counters. These slabs' thickness can be between 3 and 4 inches.

However, why is this countertop choice trending? The primary reason is thick countertops make for a statement piece in the kitchen. Due to their added depth, they attract the eye and will probably be the first thing your guests notice when they enter the room. The best part, though? The trend can be achieved through any material that fits your needs and budget constraints. That being said, don't let this engineered countertop's thickness fool you. A thick counter doesn't equal strength in this scenario. This design trend will simply elevate your cooking room's looks. Oh, and it'll cost more than a standard counter. But it'll still be affordable since it'll cost less than a single, thick slab.

What is a thick countertop, and is it right for your kitchen?

Although you might think a thick counter is made of a single thick slab, this isn't true. In reality, fabricators cut and laminate another singular piece to the edge of the traditional countertop to achieve the desired thickness. While the explanation sounds simplistic, creating a mitered edge requires a high level of precision and should only be carried out by professionals. This will ensure the two slabs present a unified front and the joints aren't visible to the naked eye. Once the slab is solid, the edge is carved to resemble the desired style. In some cases, the edge might be thicker than the overall counter. For instance, the slab might be just 2.5 or 3 inches thick, but the edge might be 4 or 5 inches thick. This treatment makes the countertop look chunkier and more luxurious.

A double-thick countertop's elegant looks and budget-friendly price might have you obsessed, but it's important to consider a few things before installing it in your kitchen. For starters, ensure your cabinet's height isn't going to be an issue. To elaborate, cabinets are manufactured based on the height of a traditional countertop. So, when you rest a thicker counter on the cabinet, you might have to get a custom cabinet built, too, if the added height will be a hindrance. Additionally, ensure the customized slab isn't too heavy for the cabinet, or it may buckle under the strain.