Pinterest Shares How To Make DIY Dusting Cloths Your Wallet Will Thank You For

Dust enters your home sneakily and settles in for the long haul unless you force it out. Though your preferred method of attack might be to swipe the unsightly layer of dust with a dry cloth, it'll just stir the accumulated layer instead of getting rid of it and expose you to the hazards of built-up dust. Opting for a microfiber dusting cloth might help, but the associated price tag might make you rethink your stance. Thankfully, Pinterest has a DIY dusting cloth recipe involving soaking a cloth in lemon peels, olive oil, water, and vinegar that your wallet will thank you for.

Pinterest's DIY dusting recipe is genius because lemon peels are a rich source of citric acid. Its antibacterial properties will help you disinfect and polish surfaces. Moreover, white distilled vinegar is ideal for cleaning since it's antimicrobial, cheap, and won't stain the surfaces you want to dust. Olive oil pulls its weight by capturing the fine particles and adding a little shine to the dust-riddled surfaces. Combining these three powerful ingredients will eradicate the fine particles from your home and kill the associated germs while making your home smell fresh and amazing.

How to DIY lemon peel dust cloths

Begin by gathering the supplies. You'll need some water, distilled white vinegar, olive oil, a couple of lemons, a large bowl, a peeler (optional), and an airtight glass jar. You'll also need a few washcloths. If you don't have store-bought ones, cut an old cotton T-shirt or dishcloth into squares. Once you have everything, combine 2 cups of water and 2 cups of vinegar in the bowl. Then, add a few drops of olive oil to the concoction. Mix the ingredients well and soak the rags in the solution. While the rags soak, peel the lemon rinds.

After the rags are saturated, take them out of the bowl and wring them to remove the excess liquid. Remember, you want the cloth to be damp, not soaking wet, or it'll leave a water trail when you use it to wipe dust-prone surfaces. Lay the rags flat on a table and place a few lemon rinds on each. Follow this up by rolling (or folding) the cloths to keep the rinds from falling out. Voila! Your DIY dusting cloths are ready. Simply pop them in the airtight glass jar and take one out when needed. You can even add a few extra lemon rinds in the jar to keep the cloths fresh and smelling nice. Don't forget to wash the rag after each use and prepare a new batch when you run out of the DIY dusting cloths.