How To Transform Your Home Inspired By Taylor Swift's Different Eras

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Taylor Swift isn't just making a huge impact in the music industry, as she's also influencing the interior design world, too. The singer made history on her Eras Tour performing tracks from all of her albums, and we were inspired to use the various records as a muse for transformative decor. Yes, you can decorate using Swift's different eras as your inspiration to give your home some unique Swiftie influence. Each of her 10 albums lends to different color palettes, moods, and styles that can be used as a blueprint for various home designs.

Whether you just want to add an item or two inspired by the "Shake It Off" singer or are mapping out a full-scale renovation, we've listed some chic, budget-friendly ideas that both you and the global phenomenon would love. These designs are perfect for any room of the house, even for your porch or backyard. While they are Swift-inspired, the styles also open the door for personal expression, since it's your home, after all.

Taylor Swift: A mix of youth and country

Taylor Swift's debut era showcased her young and homey style when she was just a high schooler with a guitar. Of course, nothing pays homage to a country album more than a rustic interior design. Natural elements like wood and rope are the way to go to create this look. You can also brighten up the space with flowers, branches, and white elements to bring in a youthful touch that embodies Swift's earlier years. Taking notes from the self-titled work, you can also make the design extra personal. Homemade rustic planters, family photos, and distressed initial signs would all add sentimental value.

Fearless: Gold galore

"Fearless" is Taylor Swift's golden era. The metallic shade defines this season as it carries on the legacy of the first album's youthful country energy. So, to create a golden aesthetic, sprinkle the metallic color throughout your rustic design. You could choose light fixtures, door knobs, and faucets in this shade. The singer's favorite number 13 also played a big part in the "Fearless" tour. Try arranging candles, posters, or any of your favorite small trinkets in a baker's dozen for a super-subtle but chic nod to Swift.

Speak Now: A touch of luxury

After two country albums, Taylor Swift broke the mold slightly with her "Speak Now" era. She added more glitz and purple to her style, and we're doing the same in our designs. Airing on the side of luxury, opt for violet shades and furniture in fine finishes like glass and silk. Lavender flowers can be added to the bathroom, purple wine glasses can be displayed in the kitchen, and velvety lilac pillows can be arranged on the living room couch. All these elements will bring both the royal color and elegant aesthetic that embodies this iconic album.

Red: Vintage with pops of color

Decorating for Taylor Swift's "Red" era requires relying on romantic, mid-century vibes. The color is obviously a major part of this album's aesthetic, but instead of painting all your walls crimson, we recommend using red as an accent tone. Anywhere you can, sprinkle rose-colored items like pillows, bouquets, and curtains into your design. Swift also embodied a vintage style pulled from the mid-1900s for this era. You can incorporate the mid-century modern style with bar carts, record players, and funky light fixtures like the SOLKLINT brass vintage ceiling lamp from IKEA.

1989: Retro fun

Bringing '80s pop to life is what the "1989" era is all about. Taylor Swift stepped out of the country genre and into the city with this pop album that expressed her love for New York. Home decor in the '80s played on textures, abstract furniture, and lots of color. A design with this era in mind could feature neon lights, ruffles, and whimsical furnishings. Don't forget to fill your gallery wall with Polaroid pictures to match the album cover as well.

Reputation: Bold and edgy design

"Reputation" is the most distinct era. There are no country, romantic, or nature-esque vibes here. Instead, the album showcased an edgy side with snakes and black shades as Taylor Swift responded to the bad press she was getting. This album lends to dramatic industrial design — think cold metals and dark colors. Further, you'll obviously need to add some kind of snake design to the space. You can keep the serpent motifs subtle by including something like the Orren Ellis Tilda Modern Snake Area Rug from Wayfair, or you can go bold by displaying decor like the Snake Bronze Table Lamp from CB2.

Lover: Pastel accents

Of course, after the dark storm comes rainbows. The "Lover" era washed away the rebellious feel of "Reputation" by bringing in light colors, sequins, and fringe. Pastels like baby pink, sky blue, and light yellow create the color palette for this album. Since these hues are so soft, they make great choices for the walls, even if the colors are just added as an accent. To top it all off, complete your design with love motifs. Hearts are an obvious choice, but you can also make it personal by adding the things you love to the space, too.

Folklore: The ultimate cottagecore aesthetic

Moving away from country and pop, Taylor Swift entered her "Folklore" era with an indie-inspired album. The songs and art inspire a cottagecore aesthetic — think of a fairy enchanted forest during spring. Greenery, dried flowers, mushroom prints, and knitted fabrics are key to this nature-esque style. Decor like the Leafy Butterfly Crystal Suncatcher from Etsy and the GoesWell Enchanted Flexible LED Willow Vines light from Amazon would be great touches that you could place anywhere in your home to folklore it up.

Evermore: Cottagecore with a darker vibe

"Evermore" has a similar aesthetic to its predecessor, but the major difference is that this era focuses on the colder season of the year. Instead of frolicking through grass fields, we're bundled up and watching the snow fall. To decorate for this era, stick with the simple, nature-focused design of "Folklore" but swap out the spring colors for earthy tones like brown, burnt orange, and hunter green. Also, incorporate cozy elements like thick throw blankets and furry area rugs.

Midnights: A night on the town

You can't go wrong with diamonds, stars, navy blues, and dark purples to represent the "Midnights" era. A look at the night sky is really all the inspiration you need, but Taylor Swift's shimmering tour looks help, too. Embrace all the glitz and the glam as well as moon prints. You can even recycle the same luxurious decor from the "Speak Now" era and add some celestial elements like stars and moons to transform your home into a true Swiftie castle.