Why You Should Place A Jar Of Baking Soda On The Shelf In Your Basement

Basements are notorious for harboring musty smells thanks to a combination of moisture, dust, and trapped odors. After all, it is an underground area of the home that typically gets less light and fresh air than other parts. However, baking soda can be a cheap and effective way to help reduce foul, musty basement odors.

Often, a mix of leaky foundations, poor ventilation, and improper drainage contribute to dampness. This creates the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew which is usually behind the musty odor. Additionally, sewer issues and plumbing problems can add to the unpleasant aroma. Of course, the first thing to do when smelling a musty odor is to eliminate the cause. Identify the source and then seal leaks, and fix plumbing, pest, and drainage issues. Then work on getting rid of the smell. Baking soda is a versatile and inexpensive solution for various household tasks, and your basement is no exception. You can use baking soda to keep your basement clean and fresh.

Baking soda deodorizes foul smells

Whether you have a larger plumbing issue or simply have an occasional whiff of musty basement smells from time to time, baking soda can help alleviate the odor. This common household ingredient works as a natural and effective deodorizer. Place open containers of baking soda on shelves around the basement. You can also leave it in bowls around the basement corners. Leave them strategically near potential odor sources like laundry areas or crawl spaces. Change them once a month to maintain their odor-absorbing power, though baking soda can deodorize for up to three months.

If you have carpets and rugs in your basement, it can also work to clean and deodorize them. Simply sprinkle baking soda on carpets and rugs and then leave it for 15 minutes. Afterward, vacuum thoroughly. This will help neutralize lingering pet smells, smoke, or dust, and leave your carpets smelling fresh. As an added bonus, the baking soda sucked up in the vacuum can work to help deodorize inside the vacuum bag or canister.

Clean and prevent moisture with baking soda

Beyond bad odors, baking soda is known for its cleaning power, and consequently, there are many baking soda cleaning hacks. Its mild abrasiveness makes it perfect for tackling various cleaning tasks in your basement. Add a half cup of baking soda to a bucket of water to mop floors. You can also create a paste by mixing baking soda with water and use it to scrub countertops. It can help remove grime and stains without harsh chemicals. If you have a sink in the basement, you can also pour a cup down the drain followed by two cups of vinegar to remove odors.

In addition, baking soda is a moisture absorber. Place bowls of it in humid areas to soak up excess moisture and prevent mold from entering your home. Change them regularly, especially during damp periods. Spills happen, and baking soda is your quick response team. Sprinkle it on the spill to absorb the liquid before it soaks in, preventing stains and damage.