Creative Ways To Repurpose Old Bed Springs Around Your Home

So you've finally decided to ditch your old box spring under your mattress for something more plush or stylish. The leap toward better sleep quality is exciting, but what do you do with the old bed springs? Pause before you surrender them to the fate of rust and obscurity, as these metallic spirals are unpolished gems hiding untapped potential within them. This is because they can be repurposed into a large number of items, and we've listed 19 ideas below.

Picture intricate candle holders, their base gracefully coiled with bed springs. Or your kitchen can exude an aura of rustic magnetism with a custom wine rack, each bottle cradled in the coils that once cradled you. And why limit repurposing old bed springs to inside the home? Imagine walking outside to soft light filtering through a bed spring chandelier's whimsical, spiraled curves. Out in the garden, envision those humble coils now supporting the ascent of climbing plants.

Repurposing old bed springs into household treasures is both financially-savvy and environmentally-friendly. You'll feel delight in bypassing the checkout line and saving your wallet a dent because you've spun those metallic remnants into a quirky chandelier, trellis, or vertical garden. And with each gaze at the beautiful DIY additions crafted from something initially destined for the landfill, pride will swell. Not just a conversation starter, upcycling old bed springs could encourage your guests to embrace their creative spirit, too. After all, weren't diamonds just pieces of carbon waiting for their moment to shine?

1. Springy plant holder

Tired of blooms toppling over in flimsy vases? Consider repurposing an old metal bed spring into a resilient plant holder. Suddenly, your delicate peonies, dwarf cactus, shy sunflowers, or wild lavender can stand tall, no longer trembling at the whim of a stray breeze. Start by stabilizing the bed springs on a wooden block with the help of U-shaped fencing staples, bearing in mind that each spring can act as an individual planter. You can even elevate some off the ground via outdoor shepherd hooks or hang them off tree branches. Finally, grace your springs with your plant pots.

2. Spiraling vertical garden

Are you tired of the urban gardening chaos and craving for some order within your compact space? By repurposing a box spring into a vertical garden, you can witness violets and marjoram reach for the sky, no longer confined to the outskirts of patios or even the most compact of corners. Fastened to a robust wooden plant box or cascading down a barren wall, the box spring offers a haven for plant life to thrive vertically or could transform into a secure perch for pots or repurposed tin cans. Imagine herbs tickling your senses and blossoms winking at passersby, all while claiming mere inches of real estate.

3. Horizontal garden trellis

Transform your garden into a sanctuary of sustainability by using an antique box spring to create a garden trellis. As your bulky vegetable plants reach upwards, they'll meet the sturdy embrace of these vintage supports. First, secure four vertical wooden pillars in each corner of your garden bed and grace each pair with a horizontal plank, creating a strong foundation for your trellis. Then, gently place the metal framework atop the wooden pillars, attaching it with wires. From there, nudge the tendrils of your crawling vegetable plants to interlace with the box spring's maze. 

4. Bird nest holder

Our next hack for repurposing old bed springs will see you turn them into decorative bird nest stands. Begin this transformation by gathering dried grass clippings or wheat straws — nature's craft supplies. Grasp a fistful of these materials and coax them into a natural nest shape. Your secret for molding here is diluted Mod Podge. With your nest taking shape, glue a small wooden circle on the slender end of the bed spring. Now comes the magical moment: place your nest atop the adhesive-laden mount, then embellish your creation with decorative elements like dummy eggs of different colors, ribbons, moss, or a tiny ceramic bird. 

5. Tea light candle holder

Infuse the night with a with a warm glow by allowing flames to flicker and dance within the coils of bed springs turned candle holders. Start the transformation by securing a stable base for your newfound art object — a slice from an old, trusted log or a piece from a wooden chopping board past its prime would work. U-shaped fencing staples will suffice to embed the springs into your chosen base. Each spring then serenely hosts a candle and its container. The flames dancing to the soundless music within the confines of old springs will indulge you in a brilliant, rustic world.

6. Outdoor chandelier

A successful upcycling project combines utility with aesthetic value, and our next idea for repurposing old bed springs into an outdoor chandelier harmonizes both. Imagine metal springs horizontally hung above your head and embellished with a constellation of twinkling LED lights. Kick-off this project by dismantling your old bed to extract the spring support in its entirety. Next, secure sturdy hooks on your preferred spot (tree branches or a pergola works well), and hoist the structure. Now, through the intertwining spirals, lace the LED string lights. Don't stop there; envision a trailing plant like ivy or petunia tracing your DIY chandelier's contours. 

7. Holiday wreath

When adorned with seasonal decorations, an old bed spring can get new life as an outdoor holiday wreath. Begin by arranging the springs in a circular shape to form the wreath base, then secure them together with wires or twine. Next, embellish your DIY wreath with weather-resistant ornaments like ribbons, faux berries, or pinecones that speak to the celebratory season. Intertwining fairy lights and tying a big, festive bow to the top or bottom can transform this simple bed spring wreath into a treasure trove of holiday spirit. Hang this masterpiece on your front door and witness it become a beacon that captures gazes and hearts.

8. Wine rack

It's fascinating how something as ordinary as an old bed spring can offer a fantastic solution to decluttering your wine bottles. Choose a solid wooden frame made out of a material like oak or pine for sturdy support and a touch of rustic charm. After measuring and cutting the wooden plank, attach the bed springs with U-shaped fencing staples so that they cradle your wine bottles upright or at an angle. Enhance your bed spring rack's functionality by installing it in a cool, dark, and optimally-humid area to keep your wines at their peak.

9. Rustic centerpiece

How about repurposing an old bed spring into a rustic centerpiece with a few imaginative touches? Picture yourself enveloping the spring framework in twinkling fairy lights, conjuring a captivating, soft radiance that's ideal for intimate evening gatherings. Fancy a seasonal twist? Deck out your masterpiece with draping greenery, pinecones, and berry picks for a unique Christmas spectacle, or switch to vibrant faux leaves to evoke the warmth of fall. Spooky mini pumpkins and fake cobwebs could bring that Halloween twist, while painted Easter eggs could swoop in for a spring flair. For items without built-in hanging mechanisms, a dab of glue can fasten them securely into place.

10. Room divider

Dealing with a spacious area that could use a secluded nook? A repurposed box spring could be your answer. With the entire spring support, you can create a contemporary and fashionable room divider or standing partition. Make sure it stays upright to provide a stable, artistic barrier. Now, bring in the magic — drape fabric or decorative paper around the entire structure. The choice is yours, as this versatile DIY project allows a broad scope for customization, be it vibrant bohemian patterns or tranquil pastel hues. The pièce de résistance? Weave twinkling lights through the springs for a radiant charm that breathes life into your creation.

11. Mail holder

Drowning in an ocean of memos, receipts, and appointment schedules? Give your organization a makeover with a twist (literally) by reimagining old bed springs as a unique and practical mail holder. Start by disassembling the bed and extracting the springs. Attach these springs to a wooden frame horizontally, to hold mail between the twists. Now repurposed as your mail holder, this spring collection becomes a central hub for organizing your life's bits and pieces, from reminders to cherished photos. You can refurbish the creation with paint for a clean look as well.

12. Flower vase

How about unifying the ruggedness of the bed springs and the delicacy of flowers? Picture a rustic bed spring holding up an elegant display of your favorite flowers, their posture upright. This novel blend of solidity and grace is a clever way to showcase and keep your flowers well-arranged, and you can count on it as a conversation starter. Begin by cleaning and stabilizing the bed springs on a wooden block, then slide a long, clear test tube through the spring. Finally, insert your fresh-cut stems of flowers into the tube. Your creation now serves as a centerpiece that captivates the senses and spawns compliments.

13. Wine bottle gift wrap

Thoughtful gift-giving involves a fervor of creativity and love. So, next time you fetch a bottle of wine for a dear one, consider enclosing it in an old bed spring. Ensure it fits snugly over the bottle, then add a tag or a miniature greeting card. Attention to detail is vital, so color-coordinate the tag with a ribbon tied around the top of the spring. Your newly-found approach to wine gift wrapping doesn't just celebrate your flair for creativity, as it also demonstrates your desire to live sustainably. Better yet, imagine your loved ones adopting it, creating a ripple effect of mindful gift giving.

14. Succulent garden

Bring new life to a rustic spring by turning it into a verdant cradle for succulent picks. Here's what you'll need: an old bed spring, burlap, faux succulent picks, moss, wire cutters, scissors, a glue gun, and styrofoam. Begin your enchantment by shaping styrofoam into a cone, swathing it in burlap, and sliding the creation into the spring's heart. Next, affix moss to the burlap's skin with your glue gun, then crown your creation with the succulent picks. For the grand finale, anchor this green beacon with another cone of burlap-cloaked styrofoam at the base. 

15. Snowman decoration

To create a winter snowman decoration, start by swishing white paint inside a transparent glass ball and giving it a good shake. Let the paint settle, then pour out the excess liquid. For the snowman's face, glue on felt eyes, faux eyebrows, a carrot nose, and a mouth in perfect alignment. Next, slip on a repurposed red sock cinched at the top with rustic twine to mirror a snowman hat. Embellish the hat with glued-on ornaments, then perch the head atop your bed spring. The finishing touch? Drape a patterned cloth elegantly around the spring's top as a snug scarf. 

16. Rustic cornucopia basket holder

You could also repurpose an old bed spring into a cornucopia basket holder. Picture the coiled structure cradling your cornucopia basket with impeccable precision, keeping it securely in place. But this is just the start — you now get to breathe life into this display. Begin by filling your cornucopia with the rustic charm of shucked corn husks, then scatter miniature pumpkins, stalks of wheat, and flower heads within for a touch of decorative magic. Rustic pinecones and seed pods lend an earthy crunch. It's not just a basket — it's a narrative of the seasons, majestically held aloft by a repurposed bed spring.

17. Recipe card holder

By reimagining a bed spring as a recipe stand on your kitchen counter, cumbersome recipe books are replaced with an artful display of recipe cards. It's an enchanting-yet-practical spectacle that keeps cherished familial cooking guides always within your eye's reach. To complete this DIY, simply clip a clothespin (or multiple) onto the top of a vertically-standing spring, then attach the recipe cards. Position this decorative piece beside the stove or prep area for quick glances while cooking. For a wall-mounted spring, dial up the charm with a spotlight, ensuring your grandma's handwritten recipes stay legible. This idea could also be used to display photographs as well.

18. Innovative springy birdhouse

Fancy a bouncy birdhouse? Begin by scoring four 4-inch squares onto a sizable foam board in a row, then top the first and third squares with roof triangles. In the third square, cut out a circular doorway. Next, trim around the outlined shape and the circle. Fold and glue or tape this cut-out into a cube along the scored edges, aligning the triangles on opposing sides to form the roof pitch. Then, secure the base and embellish the exterior with vintage paper. Attach a piece of cardboard as the roof and perhaps add dried grass inside for homeliness. Conclude by gluing your birdhouse atop the spring.

19. Scarecrow

Lastly, learn how to repurpose a bed spring into a mini scarecrow that can either be used to scare birds away from your garden or simply as a decorative feature inside or outside your home. Start with a sphere of polyfill material, tightly-bundled in coffee-stained fabric. Securely fasten the tied end of the head within the bed spring, then layer a circle of frayed burlap atop. From there, transform a rectangular scrap of burlap into a cone and stick it onto the fabric head. Two glued-on dark buttons form expressive eyes, triangular fabric makes the nose, and a swipe of your marker can define the scarecrow's gaping grin.