The Popular Cleaning Product That Makes Stripping Laundry A Breeze

If you want your laundry to stay in the best possible shape, you should consider laundry stripping. Laundry stripping is the process of soaking laundry to remove excess detergent, fabric softener, soil, oils, and residue that gets embedded in it over time. Although detergents, fabric softeners, and cleaning products can be beneficial for your clothing, they can cause residue to get stuck in your clothing. This residue can't be removed with a regular wash, so laundry stripping can serve as a great cleaning method to make use of every once in a while.

Using too much detergent, overloading a washer, failing to rinse thoroughly, and using hard water that's full of minerals can all lead to residual buildup in clothing and linens. If left unchecked, this residue could irritate the skin. It can also trigger allergies in some people. Borax and washing soda are commonly recommended for the laundry stripping process. However, there's another popular cleaning product that works well for this process as well. That product is OxiClean.

Using OxiClean to strip your laundry

To use OxiClean on your laundry, you'll first need to fill a bathtub or other large container with warm water. Next, add three to five scoops of OxiClean. Finally, place any laundry that you'll be stripping into the tub and ensure that the items are fully submerged. You'll then need to let the items soak for around four or five hours.

During this time, check your laundry every 30 to 40 minutes and stir the clothing around with a large spoon. After you're done with this process, you're free to empty the tub and proceed to add your clothes to the washing machine. Be sure to get rid of any excess water that's in the clothing before doing so. Don't add any detergent or chemicals to the washing machine but use only water.

There are a few precautions to take during laundry stripping. Remember that you shouldn't blend colors and should only wash whites with whites to avoid discoloration. You'll also want to rinse your tub thoroughly after the process is complete so that it doesn't get stained. Also, remember not to overdo laundry stripping. You'll only need to perform the process a few times a year to get great results. Doing it too often can end up damaging fabrics instead.

How to reduce the need for laundry stripping

Laundry stripping is needed because many people are overdoing it when it comes to washing clothes and linens. There are a lot of things that everyone gets wrong when doing laundry. Altering your habits can reduce the need for laundry stripping and help keep your clothing free of excess buildup.

Primarily, avoid using too much laundry detergent. Many people use more laundry detergent than is needed, so it builds up on clothing over time. Use only the recommended amount or even a little bit less to get your clothes clean. Similarly, avoid using too much fabric softener as well. Not only can using store-bought fabric softener lead to a buildup of residue in your laundry, but it can also be bad for the environment and cause skin irritation. You may want to skip store-bought products entirely and DIY your own fabric softener with common household cleaning ingredients instead.

Finally, don't add too many clothes to the washing machine. This will cause unnecessary strain on your machine but can also prevent residue from coming out completely during the wash. Rinse your clothing fully to ensure as much detergent and fabric softener residue is removed from your items as possible.