We Didn't Think Jenn Todryk's Solution For Flameless Candles Would Look This Real

Candles can provide a relaxing and charming touch in any home, making it tempting to start every morning and end every night by lighting a candle. But the dangerous downsides of these warm and fragrant decorations aren't so soothing. Aside from the risk of burns if you, a child, or a pet gets too close to the flame, 4% of house fires are also caused by candles, according to the National Fire Safety Protection Association. The risk can be higher or lower depending on which places in your home you burn candles.

Burning candles also releases small amounts of hydrocarbons, which can contribute to indoor air pollution. There are no significant health risks, but burning candles could trigger or exacerbate lung conditions like asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, according to Dr. Sobia Farooq of Cleveland Clinic. "There is no imminent danger," says Dr. Farooq. "You just have to be mindful about investing in high-quality candles and keeping them in well-ventilated areas. Studies suggest that lower-quality candles emit more particulate matter and chemicals. Higher-quality candles burn off very slowly." 

Thankfully, you can still get the calming or romantic candle look without the risks by opting for flameless candles. Even HGTV's Jenn Todryk recommends faux candles, such as the itoeo Flameless Candles, available for about $25 on Amazon, which look just as cozy as genuine candles with real fire. So, are you ready to follow Todryk's lead and embrace flameless candles?

Benefits of flameless and faux candles

Whether you want to wind down before bed without the fear of forgetting to blow out a burning candle or decide to think twice before putting real candles inside Halloween pumpkins, flameless and fake candles are excellent compromises with many safety and practicality benefits. "The best time to use flameless candles would be for long events, places where an open flame may be dangerous, or outdoors so they don't blow out ... The number one benefit of using flameless candles is they don't blow out or burn down," Leslie Chilton, who owns Leslie Newpher Interiors, told Southern Living.

Moreover, if you're not comfortable hanging real candles on your wall sconces, using flameless candles is a much safer option, as there's no risk of fire touching the wall when there's no fire in the first place. Just think of how elegant and expensive your home will look with "candles" hanging on the wall — while you have the peace of mind of knowing that there's zero risk of them causing a fire or any other dangerous results. Every homeowner or person who rents a home should consider the advantages of faux candles before choosing real flames.

There are many flameless candle options to explore

In addition to the excellent faux candles Jenn Todryk recommends and uses, there are many accessible, affordable, and attractive options. For instance, you may want to check out the GenSwin Flameless White Taper Candles Flickering with 10-Key Remote, Battery Operated LED, available for around $30 on Amazon. Featuring genuine wax, you can use the remote to control how the flameless candles appear. Plus, many reviewers were impressed by how real the candles seem, even though the "flames" are fake.

Meanwhile, if you want to start with only one flameless candle, and see how you feel about it once it's on display in or outside your home, check out the best-selling Mainstays Unscented Flameless LED Pillar Candle, selling for less than $5 at Walmart. Featuring a five-hour timer, the candle can make it look like the flame is flickering for extra realism.

On the other hand, if you want to generously light up your home with 12 flameless candles, consider the Home Reflections 12pc Ultimate Flameless Candle Set, which you can purchase for under $30 at QVC. The imported flameless candles come with two remotes, and while some reviewers thought the battery life and timers could use improvement, happy customers love the glowy look. Thus, flameless candles can look super real — but without any danger.