Helpful Tips For Choosing The Right Window Treatments To Use In Your Bathroom

Out of the many areas in your home that need window treatments, the bathroom windows can be the most difficult. It's a small space to make aesthetically pleasing while also allowing for a bit of fresh air and sunlight. However, a few practical tips can help you narrow down what you need to choose the perfect window treatments for your bathroom, including focusing on privacy, moisture, and light concerns.

Though it's easy to get caught up solely in how they look, your bathroom window treatments should be practical, not just stylish. You always want to choose options that allow easy access to open and close the window for ventilation. Consequently, blinds, shades with pull cords or wands, and curtains are all good choices. Vinyl blinds are affordable and functional, Roman shades are a stylish window treatment, and fabric curtains can add a touch of elegance. In the end, consider your budget as well as the style. You may also need different materials in different bathrooms in the same house.

Privacy matters

Of course, one of the main reasons for hanging window treatments in the bathroom is to keep it private and block out unwanted views. Depending on what floor level your bathroom is on and what it looks out to (like another apartment building as opposed to a mountain), that will force you to change up certain options. If your bathroom window faces a busy street or overlooks a neighbor's window, opt for opaque fabrics like polyester blends. For a more open feel, consider sheer fabrics that offer some privacy while letting in some light.

Besides fabric, you can also opt for blinds or Roman shades. Vinyl, faux wood, or aluminum blinds offer easy privacy, and you can choose wider slats for a more modern look. Roman shades come in various fabrics and opacities and give off a sleek look, but make sure you keep them down so they can fully dry out. You can also go with frosted glass, which can be a stylish and permanent solution for complete privacy, or a privacy window film that can be removed whenever you want to make a change.

Moisture control and light are vital

Additionally, the bathroom climate is a big factor. Bathrooms are consistently humid, so you may want to avoid natural fibers like cotton or linen, which are prone to mildew growth, though you can guard against it by washing curtains once a month. Vinyl blinds, faux wood options, and moisture-resistant fabrics are some of the best options. Though you can choose flimsy materials that are less expensive, it helps to think ahead and look for fabrics that won't easily mold.

Lastly, while it is important to maintain privacy, you also want to allow enough light in so that your bathroom isn't a dark and dank place. Not considering lighting is actually a big mistake made when renovating a bathroom. Some people seek to have sun rays light up their bathroom windows while others prefer dim lighting like you would find in spas, so it is key to consider what you like best. Choosing a sheer curtain fabric can invite light while also keeping out unwanted views. 

If you prefer as little light as possible, go for blackout curtains or roller shades. This is especially good if you have trouble relaxing in bright sunlight or when trying to keep the hot sun rays at bay, which can make your bathroom hotter than you'd like. Of course, with blinds, you can let light in at will whenever you desire and change it up easily.