The Obvious Storage Space In The Kitchen You Are Missing Out On

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Do you have barely enough room in your kitchen to tuck away your spices and utensils? It can be frustrating when you've run out of cabinet and drawer space, but you don't have to remodel your kitchen or break the bank to get more storage room. There are many easy and clever ways to maximize storage in a small kitchen and say goodbye to clutter. One way to do that is by utilizing unused storage space.

TikTok user @neatlyembellished has found a smart, affordable way to use hidden storage space in her kitchen and get rid of counter clutter. She uses magnetic refrigerator storage bins to hold mail, gift cards, and more. This solution is great for taking advantage of unused space on the fridge and storing kitchen essentials easily. Magnetic storage can be used to hold lots of different things — spices, paper towels, knives, medicine, scissors, and more. Let's take a closer look at how @neatlyembellished uses it in her kitchen.

Exterior refrigerator storage

In the video, Tiktoker @neatlyembellished shows what she has found to make her kitchen feel less cluttered. She attaches magnetic spice racks to one side of her refrigerator, but she uses these to hold her mail and gift cards instead of spices. Paired with a magnetic chalkboard, a spice rack works perfectly as a mail-sorting command center. Each week, Tiktoker @neatlyembellished goes through her mail, and having it handy makes the job of sorting it easy. She places her gift cards in the other magnetic spice rack to keep the cards in sight, making it easier for her to remember to use them.

This is a clever idea for sorting mail and organizing gift cards. Mail can pile up if not dealt with regularly, and this solution doesn't take up much room while eliminating mail clutter. It also helps you remember your gift cards. Commenters on @neatlyembellished's video also love her solution. One viewer said, "This is genius." 

Another TikTok user commented, "Love this idea! We don't have an office so this is perfect for thank you cards too."

The best magnetic storage ideas

While it is great for keeping your mail and gift cards organized, magnetic refrigerator storage can be used for many other things. You can use magnetic organizers to hold oil and vinegar. These storage units can also be used to keep your paper towels within easy reach. Crate and Barrel sells a Yamazaki organizer that can hold oil and paper towels with hooks to hang oven mitts or cooking utensils. Having all of these frequently used items within easy reach is convenient and helps keep your kitchen tidy.

Storing your spices on the fridge via magnetic spice racks is another great way to use this space and keep your spices close at hand. This makes it convenient for when you need to grab one for cooking. Wayfair offers a magnetic spice storage rack that features adjustable shelves. You can also get magnetic hooks from Amazon to hold kitchen essentials such as oven mitts. The fridge is also ideal for knife storage if you lack space in your drawer for knives. Rather than hiding them away in a drawer, why not store them on the fridge using a magnetic knife strip, as shown on Amazon?