TikTok Recommends This Handsaw For Simple Wood Projects Around The House

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Taking care of house construction projects on your own means that you need tools handy at all times. Even if you're not a DIY-savvy person, it still helps to know your way around basic woodworking tools for the home before the pro gets there. One of these is the handsaw which gets a lot of flack for being "old-school." While electric saws are all the rage, you should still know how to use a handsaw and have one around the house in case the electricity gets blown out or the electric saw becomes faulty in a pinch. If you're looking for a saw that takes efficiency to the next level, TikTok handyman and homesteading expert Steve Maxwell recommends the Irwin Universal handsaw.

At first glance, this 15-inch saw looks pretty basic, but as award-winning handyman Maxwell pointed out in his social media video, it comes with more perks than your average handsaw. "There are lots of handsaws in the world and most of them don't work very well," he stated. "This is an exception." The expert went on to demonstrate how easy slicing through wood is with the saw.

According to Irwin, the Universal handsaw boasts of a tapered pitch nose blade that makes cutting wood three times as fast. The tooth grind makes the work move along exponentially while maintaining a clean-cut result you'd expect to see from a fine-cutting blade. If you're in the market for a new handsaw, then this is one you'd want to consider.

The reviews for the Irwin Universal handsaw are just as positive

Just like seeing a pretty dress on a mannequin will convince you to get it for yourself, you have to check out the reviews from people who've actually used the Universal handsaw in order to make your decision. According to their Amazon customers, the saw is rated highly for being easy to hold and use, and lightweight. One buyer attested that the handsaw is the best he's owned yet, saying, "It does cut faster and with less effort than others." Another recommended the handsaw for cutting through all types of wood including soft wood, hardwood, and even plywood.

While people do praise the way the saw's teeth slice effortlessly through wood, one customer lamented that it can't be sharpened and so has to be replaced when it gets dull. The handsaw's affordability is another reason for its popularity among homeowners because you can get it from Amazon for just $13. The Universal handsaw would make a wide replacement for your old, rusted saw and a handy tool to keep around the house. You can even make a gift out of it to your friend whose housewarming party is coming up.