Stop Wasting Space: Hide Your Laundry Hamper And Elevate Your Home

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Are you sick of looking at your dirty hamper? Want to free up valuable floor space in your home and reduce clutter? Hide your laundry hamper! Eliminating the chaos of clothes and a reminder of the chore most of us despise can help you stay organized and free up space. Many laundry hampers look out of place and don't go with the rest of the home. But a DIY hidden rolling hamper can make a huge difference in your home's functionality. You won't even know it's there. Keep your bedroom, bathroom, or laundry room aesthetically pleasing and organized with this laundry hamper hack.

A hidden rolling hamper is exactly what it sounds like. It's concealed in a cabinet and rolls out when you open it. This beginner DIY project can be done in just a few easy steps. The Rev-A-Shelf from Target ranges from $115 to $160 and comes with a laundry basket and 100-pound rated full extension slides. It can hold all sorts of heavy, dirty clothes and keep them out of sight and out of mind. In addition to the Rev-A-Shelf pull-out, you also may want a door mount kit, which you can find on Wayfair for $35. Learn how you can turn your un-stylish hamper into a hidden rolling hamper.

How to create a hidden laundry hamper

Many people keep their laundry hampers in the bedroom, bathroom, or laundry room. While laundry hampers serve an essential purpose, seeing baskets strewn about the house can get overwhelming. If you already have a drawer cabinet that you want to use, a hidden rolling hamper will be an easy addition. If you don't, you can DIY your own cabinets or install a pull-out drawer insert, like the Laniyia Pull-Out Drawer from Wayfair, for $106. If you opt for an insert, you'll start by attaching the under-mount drawer slides to the bottom of the pull-out drawer. Then on the inside of the cabinet, attach the rails with screws. Place the insert inside the body of the cabinet and slide it in. Measure your cabinet and find the laundry hamper you want to put inside. It's that easy! With these simple steps, you can have the feel of an expensive hidden laundry hamper without the cost or the clutter.

If you aren't feeling too DIY-savvy, another option is the Kleankin Tilt Out Laundry Hamper from Target for $93. This is a great option to hide those pesky laundry baskets in an all-in-one cabinet. It has two anti-tipping tilt-out hampers in a tasteful white cabinet that will easily blend in with your bathroom, laundry room, or bedroom decor.

Maximizing space and style with a hidden rolling hamper

Changing your drab, unsightly laundry hamper into a concealed rolling one is a simple way to optimize your space. You'll not only free up valuable floor space, but you'll get to experience a stylish and comfortable home. Once you have the extra space where your hamper was, you can install shelves or cubbies for linens and towels. Add a potted plant, a basket, and a bench or chair, and you've got yourself a small seating area. 

For added functionality, add a multifunctional piece like an ottoman with built-in storage that serves as seating and additional storage. Alternatively, you could turn it into a reading nook with a comfortable lounge chair and a small end table. By freeing up that space, you can create a brand new area of your home that's practical and looks good. Say goodbye to clutter and dirty laundry bins and hello to a neat, organized space.