Why You Should Bring A Potato With You On Your Next Trip To The Shower

Everyone wants to find easier and more affordable ways to keep their home tidy and clean. Of course, one of the most difficult places to keep clean is the bathroom. While it may seem unconventional or even strange, a potato can yield impressive results, and help remove lime stains on a shower door, leaving your glass doors spot-free without using harsh chemicals.

Potatoes possess unique properties that make them surprisingly adept at tackling buildup on shower doors. First, they have a starchy texture, which makes a nice scrub against dirt and soap scum. The natural acidity of potatoes, particularly when combined with their abrasive texture, can effectively break down and lift lime deposits, making them easier to clean off the surface of the glass. By rubbing a cut potato against the affected areas, you can gradually dissolve the lime stains, restoring the clarity and cleanliness of the shower door. Potatoes also contain oxalic acid, an ingredient found in rust removal products that can remove rust.

How to use a potato on shower doors

Before you clean your shower doors, prepare the potato first. Rinse the potato under running water to remove any dirt or debris, and then cut it in half using a knife. Then take one half of the potato and firmly rub the cut side against the surface of the shower doors. Focus on areas with visible buildup, soap scum, or water stains, applying gentle pressure as needed. The natural abrasiveness of the potato, combined with its acidic properties, will help loosen and lift stubborn grime, leaving the glass surfaces looking refreshed and clean. To remove hard water stains, it helps to clean off any existing soap scum first so the potato can have access to the underlying lime scale.

Once you've scrubbed the shower doors with the potato, it's essential to rinse them thoroughly with warm water. This step helps remove any residual potato starch or cleaning agent, leaving behind a shine. For particularly stubborn stains or heavy buildup, you may need to repeat the process or use a fresh potato.

Other cleaning uses for potatoes

Using potatoes as a natural cleaning solution offers several advantages beyond their effectiveness. Unlike harsh chemical cleaners, potatoes are gentle on the environment and pose no risk of harmful fumes or residue. Additionally, they are readily available and affordable, making them a budget-friendly option for household cleaning tasks.

It can also be used for various cleaning and household tasks, including cleaning your cast iron skillet and polishing silverware. To clean a cast iron skillet or silverware with a potato, cut a raw potato in half and pour baking soda onto the cut side. Use the potato half as a scrubber, rubbing it over the surface of the skillet to lift off any food particles or residue. Rinse the skillet and silverware with warm water and dry thoroughly with a towel. Additionally, you can remove mineral stains on drinking glasses and even defog your eyeglasses since the natural starch found in potatoes helps reduce a misty buildup on the lenses.