Genius Ways To Repurpose Pantyhose In Your Garden

One of the best places to keep pantyhose is with your gardening tools. That's right, the clothing accessory might be used more often when kept in the garden than it does when stored in your dresser drawer. Pantyhose's stretchy, soft, and breathable material allows it to serve multiple purposes in your garden. We've compiled a list of eight ways you can recycle tights in the yard, from upgrading landscaping tools to preserving your harvest.

You don't need heavy-duty stockings for any of these upcycling hacks, as inexpensive pantyhose from the dollar store will work just as well. Plus, one pair can go a long way. You can complete multiple hacks with just one pack, and the larger the size, the better. The color of the tights won't matter, but it's best if your pantyhose don't have too many rips. If they are damaged at all, you'll still be able to do some of these gardening tricks, but not all. Still, grab the stockings no matter their condition and see what they can become in your green space.

1. Turn gardening tools into pond cleaners

With a pair of pantyhose, your landscaping tools can become pond cleaners. All you need to do is thread your rake, hoe, or pitchfork through the stocking leg. The clothing accessory creates a mesh net that you can use to skim the pond and remove leaves or debris. Even if you don't have a backyard pond, this hack is perfect for turning handheld gardening equipment into tools to clean birdbaths, water features, or rain barrels.

2. Bug-proof your garden supplies

Leaving your gardening supplies like boots, gloves, and barrels uncovered can attract critters. Even if you store these items in a shed or garage, the damp and dark crevices may still draw pests in. However, with pantyhose, you can create a breathable cover that the critters can't cross. Just store your gloves in the pantyhose legs, thread your boot through the stockings, or stretch a pair over the opening of rain barrels.

3. Secure plant stems

Sometimes tall and delicate plant stems need a little support when growing — that's where pantyhose can come in. You can cut a pair of stockings into 1-inch strips and use them to tie vines to a stake or trellis. Since the pantyhose material is soft and stretchy, you can tie as many as you need and it won't damage the plants.

4. Support heavy fruit

It's not just the stems or vines that need support but the heavy fruit on your plants, too. If you have hanging gourds or melons, you can create a hammock for the weighty produce with pantyhose. Rest the bottom of the fruits in the center of the stockings and tie both ends to a stake or trellis. The clothing accessory will continue to support its weight as the fruit grows, successfully taking some of the stress off the vine.

5. Hang and store fresh produce

After harvesting certain produce like onions and garlic, they need a cool, dry spot to hang out. Your pantyhose make the perfect tool to store these pantry staples in an ideal place. Add an onion to the leg and tie a knot before adding a second one. Keep tying knots and adding until there's no more space. Then, you can hang your homemade vegetable storage up wherever you'd like. When you're ready to use an onion, just cut underneath the knot and grab what you need.

6. Stockpile seeds

Not only can you house your harvested produce in pantyhose, but this clothing item also makes a great place to store the seeds you collect from your garden. Just add the seeds to the stocking leg and tie a knot to secure them. Now, you have a breathable pouch to store in a basket or shelf, and you can make multiple pouches with one stocking. It helps to add a label inside the sack before closing it so all your seeds are easily identifiable.

7. Save seed heads

When flower heads start to seed, birds may consider your garden an open buffet. But if you want to save the seeds for the next growing season, a pair of pantyhose can help. All you need to do is cut off a piece of the fabric and drape it over the flower crown. This will cut off the birds' access to the seeds without harming the plants or wildlife.

8. Protect seedlings

You can also use pantyhose to protect your plants from the elements. Use four stakes to box around your seedling and place the stockings over the four sides. These stakes and tights will create a mesh cage to limit the damage caused by harsh winds and critters. You can keep the top of the stocking closed for more protection or cut an opening so you don't have to worry about removing it when your plants grow taller.