Add Gorgeous Hanging Decor To Any Bookcase With TikTok's Genius Hack

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Every bookworm knows the struggle of filling up their bookcase with books they want to read. A lot of us can relate to having scanty shelves that almost take away from the beauty that bookcases give to a room. Maybe you just want to give it a personalized touch but don't know how. Fortunately, there's no rule against decorating the bookshelves with creative designs to give them some pizzazz. You can bring your reading space to life with gorgeous hanging décor, thanks to a TikTok video by DIY stylist Sarah Teresinski. She came up with a genius way to use a tension rod to revamp the way those empty shelves look in your bookcase.

If you're wondering how a tension rod is going to upgrade anything about shelves, then worry not. Tension rods have springs in them that can hold steady between two objects. In this case, the objects are the both sides of the shelf. To complete the look, Teresinski also used a decorative macrame placemat, a small mirror, and a couple of hanging lanterns, all of which you can find on Amazon for a total of $30 — not a bad deal.

As this is your bookcase, you have to tailor the items to suit the vibe your room presents. This hack is so unique because you don't have to go all out spending too much cash. You can pick items from around your home to liven it up.

Play up the vintage feel or tone it down to be modern

To spruce up your bookcase décor, you first need a good foundation — a beautiful placemat to adorn the shelf. The tension rod has to go all the way to the top of the shelf to make room for your other knickknacks and doodads. Once firmly in place, start adding the items you have. First goes the decorative mirror, and then the lanterns can hang on the rods before you finish up with a stack of books by the side. Now you have a cozy little corner in your bookcase.

If you love this hack but want to switch it up to suit your style, you can. Amp up the vintage feel with a lace placemat and an old hourglass that screams Victorian, as well as some rusted lanterns. You can also visit your attic for sentimental objects that can fit in your little space.

For a modern taste, you can hang tiny planters from the tension rod instead. Fill the planters with your favorite hanging plants and have their leaves cascade down onto the other shelves. Ditch the decorative placemat for a rattan one for a more rustic touch. If you're a traveler, then this hack is a great excuse to bring down those snow globes and souvenirs from your favorite cities. Make it a unique shrine of your experiences and let the lanterns serve as a light source to see them in the night.