Use This Trash Bag Hack To Create Space-Saving Storage Anywhere In The Home

Whether it's to store winter clothes for the summer or your kid's beloved stuffed toys, storing bulky items isn't only a chore — it also tends to consume valuable storage space. This can be a problem if you don't have enough storage in your home. This challenge has led to the creation of vacuum storage bags, often accompanied by hand pumps or made to be compatible with most household vacuums. However, these can be costly. For a budget-friendly alternative, TikTok user @brittany.vaseur suggests using regular trash bags as a substitute for store-bought vacuum storage bags.

To do the storage hack shown on TikTok, get a trash bag or any large plastic bag that can accommodate the item you wish to store. Place all your items inside the bag. Then, before using your vacuum, hold your hand near the opening of the plastic bag so you can seal it quickly afterward. When you're ready, vacuum all the air from the bag and promptly seal it by fastening it tightly with a rubber band. This hack not only helps with storage — it also makes packing clothes for a move a breeze!

Making the trash bag and vacuum hack work better

The TikTok hack for storing bulky items using a vacuum and a plastic bag might not always be effective, as some users have noted that the air tends to seep back into the bag within minutes. This issue could stem from a couple of factors. Firstly, the method of sealing the bag could be insufficient. While the original hack suggests using a rubber band, a more reliable method is to twist the end of the bag tightly and then secure it. You can even enhance the seal with electrical tape.

Secondly, the problem might lie in the bag itself. Many plastic bags, particularly garbage bags, are thin and susceptible to tiny holes. To check for holes, you can inflate the bag, seal it, and see if it deflates slightly. For a more airtight solution, using a thicker plastic bag or a large Ziploc bag, which is better at maintaining a seal, could be more effective. Additionally, wrapping the bag with a layer of plastic wrap can help prevent air leaks, as suggested by YouTuber Nathan E.