Reuse This Popular Bathroom Essential For Extra Kitchen Storage

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There are only so many places you can find storage in a small space. Under your bed, in your pantry, under your bathroom sink. But what happens when items that don't hold as much significance need a place to stay? Small space connoisseurs gather around. This traditional bathroom hack may be the key to your kitchen storage issues. Surprisingly enough, it works just as well in the kitchen as it does above your toilet.

TikTok user @lonefoxhome grabbed an over-the-toilet storage holder and placed it over their trash can. With baskets placed on each shelf, they could store cleaning products and kitchen appliances that couldn't fit under the sink. This hack opens doors for those who might be feeling overwhelmed. What's great about it is that it can become a staple all around your house. Placd this shelf in your living room, bedroom, garage, and, of course, your bathroom for extra storage space.

You might be wondering about stability. This storage shelf is typically balanced on either side of a toilet. One commenter mentioned a valid warning. "Word of caution with the tension rod: they can easily pop through the ceiling...make sure your corners can handle the pressure!" As long as it's tightly installed, it shouldn't pose any danger of tipping over or falling, especially if you are sure to place your storage efficiently on each shelf.

How this kitchen storage hack compares to others

To ensure this method was one of the best options for your small home, we did some sleuthing on TikTok. During our research, we found a TikTok user, @kenzieemac, who uses a hack for storing pots and pans that have no place. After applying sticky top holder hooks onto the doors of their cabinets, the user attaches their pot lids. Similar to the over-the-toilet hack, this is all about kitchen appliances but limits what can be attached to the cabinet doors. 

Another hack that piqued our interest was a shoe cabinet. Known traditionally as a shoe storage container that could sit in your bedroom or living room, this container has plenty of space for multiple items while also being closed off to keep smells from floating around. TikTok user @cindyypersaud grabbed this IKEA shoe cabinet and filled it with excess items around their kitchen. The hack is great for placing storage in plain sight. It's not bulky and won't cause foot traffic in the kitchen, but at $40, it can easily become an expense if you need additional space.

Not only is the over-the-toilet storage the best option for storing both big and small items but it can also be personalized to fit your room and blend into any aesthetic. An option from Amazon comes in various shelf sizes and heights, starting at less than $30. Walmart also has a more modern take on the idea that will provide some additional storage and longevity.