Here Are The Kitchen Hardware Trends For 2024

Designers always stress how important the little details are in interior design. In the kitchen, many people will focus on the cabinet colors or picking out the right slab for the countertop. That often means that small details like hardware aren't considered as heavily. However, kitchen hardware can add the finishing touch that makes your kitchen look more customized while adding personality to the space. While smooth finishes were the go-to choice in previous years, textured and matte finishes are gaining more popularity. "The combination of matte finish and texture adds depth, visual interest, and a touch of luxury to any kitchen," David Mason, founder of, tells The Spruce.

A matte finish adds a metallic detail without being overly shiny, offering a subtle elegance that complements contemporary spaces and a bit of modernization to traditional spaces. The texture of the hardware and its depth can also add contrast against smooth cabinet fronts, allowing it to be a standout feature. The Emtek Tribeca center bar cabinet pull has a diamond wave pattern that is a little more subtle in texture, while the ridges in the Du Verre Forged square bar drawer pull add a more visible element to the classic shape. Both options from would create an eye-catching detail no matter what cabinets they're on.

Handcrafted and statement hardware

As many people look for pieces that will make their homes unique, handcrafted details have gained popularity. These pieces are often made in small batches and have unique designs not seen in big box stores. The exclusivity of the piece often leads people to gravitate toward independent artists and small businesses. There is also a higher chance they'll use uncommon materials or mixed materials, creating an unexpected element. "Expect to see intricate designs, textures, and materials being used in kitchen hardware such as brass, copper, wood, and even leather," Mason says to The Spruce. Online, Etsy is a great place to find handmade hardware. User Knobco sells handmade handles and pulls, such as their bone inlay oval design that would add color and pattern to a space. And DBMakesIt creates 3D-printed hardware in plenty of unique shapes.

Designers are also using hardware to make a statement in the kitchen, encouraging homeowners to play around with shapes, colors, and materials. The Color Caliber Pull from Dutton Brown will infuse a pop of color into the space with a minimalist design. Against a neutral cabinet front, fun-colored hardware makes a statement. Or move away from the traditional metal finish and opt for a stone handle, such as the Travertine Dot Handle from San Diego Hardware. The sleek design and stone material add an earthy and contemporary element to a kitchen that is sure to draw attention to its uniqueness.

Look, no handles

Surprisingly, one of the bigger trends in kitchen hardware seems to be a lack of kitchen hardware. Instead, these cabinets have a small crevice or hole that allows you to open them. These cabinets tend to have a flat facade, creating a sleek and seamless look that's often popular in more modern design styles. There are a few options to open handleless cabinets, including a built-in groove on the top or side of the cabinet door and a push-to-open option, which opens with the help of springs. Open holes in the cabinet front are also an option to go handleless in the kitchen.

However, if having absolutely no hardware doesn't make sense for the functionality of your kitchen, swap handles for knobs. "My forecast calls for fewer pulls and more knobs in all different colors and textures, which are more versatile, less expensive, and easy to change up depending on the mood or season," interior designer Shani Core tells The Spruce. Using knobs in place of handles on both cabinets and drawers creates a more unique look that can add a more traditional look to even the most contemporary spaces. Plus, you can still get playful with them, adding personality through color, unique materials, and shape. Overall, the look of knobs throughout the kitchen adds an unexpected detail that would make a kitchen stand out.