The Controversial Cabinet And Countertop Trend TikTok Warns To Avoid In 2024

Each year, we see trends come and go. While some trends hold on for years and years, 2024 is proving that even the most popular home aesthetics can eventually go out of style. For instance, the once-trendy all-white vibe is officially becoming passé, causing us to also say goodbye to one specific design aesthetic — farmhouse.

Farmhouse kitchens, which are defined as having white shaker cabinets, white countertops, and a few sprinkles of farmhouse decor, are no longer a must-have. According to @NationalStoneLV on TikTok, who focuses on countertops, flooring, and shower remodels, "The farmhouse look is on its way out in 2024." This means that whether you are renovating your home or building a new one, you may want to try and think outside the white box. Luckily, he also lets us know that there are a lot of looks that mirror farmhouse trending in the new year, including French country. If you are holding on tight to your farmhouse style, here's how to keep it while still staying on trend.

How to update the farmhouse energy in your kitchen

Even though interior designers have been advising us to steer clear of all-white kitchens, white in the kitchen brightens the space, and there are new trending styles that mirror the welcoming energy of the farmhouse style. One of those, according to @NationalStoneLV on TikTok, is French country, which you can achieve by mixing your white cabinets with color-heavy walls, using natural stone for your backsplash and choosing marble for your countertop.

Shaker-style cabinets are actually a big part of the French kitchen aesthetic, so you can keep your beloved cabinets – just change out the hardware for polished nickel or chrome. You will also want to replace your decor with textured accessories like wired baskets or metal elements. To get a bit of the natural side of French country style, opt for simple greenery and put it in antique vases throughout. If you have the budget to change out your appliances, look for something with a vintage vibe, like the Classic Fridge from Big Chill Appliances for $6,195.

Other 2024 kitchen trends to avoid

Farmhouse-style and all-white kitchens aren't the only things going out of fashion in 2024. Having a separate space for dining and cooking is less desirable in 2024, with homeowners opting to add more seating to their islands and make the two spaces more inclusive, according to @Ninatakeshofficial on TikTok. As some locations begin to outlaw gas stoves, buyers are also looking to add induction stoves to their kitchen, pairing them with paneled stainless-steel appliances that blend seamlessly with the cabinets.

Kitchens are also leaning into the "less is more" aesthetic, opting for low-maintenance countertops and finishes, like natural stone. Two-toned cabinets and pops of bold colors will give your kitchen the personality you crave while still remaining timeless. Lighting is at the forefront, with statement fixtures at the top of the design list, as well as colored marble. And while we aren't seeing as much dark wood in 2024, medium wood tones are all the rage, according to @FabuwoodCabinetry on TikTok, with designers opting for this color wood to make their client's kitchens feel more natural and homier.