Create A Gorgeous Outdoor Storage Table With TikTok's Simple Woodworking DIY

Outdoor furniture prices commonly inspire a healthy dose of sticker shock. It's easy to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars for furniture protected against the elements which, once bought, is typically only useable in one place. Fortunately, taking on outdoor furniture DIY projects can be a low-stakes way of practicing woodworking while also saving money on your patio setup. TikTok user @pineandpolardiy recently shared an inspiring video detailing how to make a beautiful table that has hidden storage.

This project, which the creator says only cost her $75 for supplies in her area, marries form and function with a stylish design and a double use as a storage compartment. Especially useful on windy patios or for homes where there are just never enough spots to keep gardening supplies, the added hidden storage can be a true game-changer. With a two-part hinging lid as the tabletop, users can easily continue to use the table while still accessing the storage. It's also easy to adapt this table to perfectly fit your space by choosing boards in your ideal length.

How to build an outdoor storage table

To build an outdoor storage table that fits your space perfectly, first determine the size of your space. This will help you purchase materials in the right size. While TikTok user @pineandpolardiy created a square table, you can adapt the process to make a long, rectangular table by making the correct measurements. You'll also need to choose the best type of wood for your outdoor furniture based on your climate, budget, and style preferences.

Once you've figured out your desired dimensions, gather your supplies. You'll need multiple 2-inch by 4-inch boards in your selected length, 2-by-2 lumber, 2-inch nails, ¼-inch dowels (to use as spacers), wood glue, and a high-quality exterior stain and seal. For the square table, @pineandpolardiy essentially creates a box out of 2-by-4 boards, using the 2-by-2 lumber as table legs. The TikTok DIY'er also uses 2-by-2 lumber inside each corner of the box to support the sides. Using wood glue plus 2-inch nails will help ensure that your table can handle heavier contents without falling apart.

Make it your own

The beauty of DIY projects is that you can adapt them to fit your style perfectly! Aside from selecting the perfect size table for your space, you can also customize the height of the table and the overall configuration, or even create a storage bench instead of a table. Want three compartments instead of two? Go for it! 

While the TikTok creator used Cabot Semi-Solid Exterior Stain and Sealer in taupe, the color options are endless. Using an exterior sealer is key to making your outdoor furniture last, but you can easily select a stain color separately. Choose one that complements the rest of your furniture and your outdoor design as a whole!

One important consideration to keep in mind for this project is that the storage section of the table won't be waterproof. Unlike sheds or plastic storage chests, this storage table is made from wood slats with spaces in between, which means that whatever you store inside should be weather-resistant. Grill accessories, most garden tools, and tightly closed containers of products like birdseed could fit perfectly! If you need a space for items that can't get wet, you could add an extra layer of sealed wood or plastic inside of the storage compartment and on the inside of the lid.