Freshen Your Garbage Disposal With This Delicious Smelling Pantry Ingredient

One taste of vanilla extract will have you questioning everything you know about vanilla. That said, the extract always smells heavenly — regardless of how bitter it tastes. But did you know that a dash of vanilla can help your stinky garbage disposal just as much as it can boost a recipe? We're always looking for ways to keep our homes smelling spring fresh without relying on a myriad of chemicals to do so, and this is the perfect trick. 

Making good use of vanilla as a freshening ingredient is simple enough. This hack is also perfect for spring cleaning your disposal and freezer since you can dump some of that old ice into your sink while you're freshening. Ice on its own can help sharpen the blades in the disposal, but it won't actually make the odor go away. 

With this deodorizing trick, you'll want to grab an empty ice tray. From there, place small pieces of lemon and a few drops of vanilla extract, and fill the rest of the mold with water. Freeze until solid. From personal experience, we recommend making at least five to seven individual cubes for maximum freshness. Put the frozen cubes into the disposal and turn on with a small trickle of warm water until the cubes are gone. And enjoy the lovely smell!

Extend the freshness with an easy DIY

Sadly, a garbage disposal doesn't stay fresh for long. The scent only lingers for a little while. However, with a little ingenuity, you can extend the odor of the sink area to keep the vanilla in the air. All you need is a bowl, a cotton ball, and more vanilla extract. Put a few teaspoons of the vanilla extract into the bowl and let the cotton ball absorb the sweet aromas. 

As the extract evaporates from the cotton ball, it will release an air-freshening scent. If you place the bowl near your sink, it will keep the sink stinkies away. What is amazing about this DIY scent solution is that you can tailor it to different times of year, too. 

Try adding a dash of cinnamon or clove for an autumnal aromatic, peppermint in winter, florals In spring, or citrus in the summertime. Vanilla is a chameleon in the scent family, so a wide range of essential oils compliments it. That's, in part, why vanilla is a terrific deodorizer