Make Your Yard Feel Like A Resort With This Stunning Fence DIY

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As times, families, and the workplace has changed, people's vacations have evolved as well. Whether to save money and time or just because we love relaxing at home, many of us are choosing the staycation. Sometimes this means getting a hotel room for a night or two in a nearby town, but a lot of times it means catching rays in our own backyards. To this end, it helps to find ways to make your yard a luxe spot you can escape to that feels just like that expensive resort. And if you already have a fenced-in space, there's an easy TikTok DIY trick to significantly boost the resort aesthetic of your grounds. All you'll do is place a rolled bamboo screen over your existing fence to give the illusion that you're visiting the tropics in the lap of luxury.

Even small landscaping upgrades can make a big difference in not only your enjoyment of your home but also in your home's overall value when you're ready to sell. Invest in pretty lighting, pathways, minimal patio décor, and at least one or two planned areas for rest, leisure, activities, or entertaining. You'll be amazed how it makes you feel and how others are also drawn into its realm.

Rolling out the resort look

Whether you get your bamboo from a hardware store like the Home Depot, an online retailer like Amazon, or a home décor store, it's important to choose a fence of actual bamboo and not reeds or willow, as those materials are not as strong. Furthermore, natural bamboo can be painted or stained and is water-resistant, so it will work as fencing or a privacy shade. However, bamboo fencing does need to be secured to another support. That's where your own pre-existing fencing comes in handy. Please note, however, that the pricing on bamboo fencing can vary greatly depending on the quality and size of the product. Further, if you're hoping to attach the roll to the back of your neighbor's fence, you need to get their permission first, as that's their property.

Roll out the bamboo along the length of the fencing that's already in place, attaching it with screws. Using exterior paint and a sprayer for ease of application, evenly apply two or three coats of paint onto the bamboo until full coverage is attained. Not only will this give your space a stylishly-updated, tropical look, but it's also a great way to hide an unsightly feature from outside those borders. In particular, if your neighbor puts up a privacy fence that is taller than your existing one, the bamboo upgrade keeps it from becoming part of your backyard aesthetic, as it hides it completely.

Upping your bamboo game

Depending on how it's deployed, the use of bamboo around your patio can vary the look of your space from cheap tiki bar to high-end tropical resort. A white wash paint on a bamboo border screen will exude the lushness of the fictional White Lotus Hotel or the very real Four Seasons Resort in Maui where it was filmed. On the other hand, if Bora Bora is more your style, opt for a natural wood stain and maybe roll some bamboo out over the rails of a pergola to act as a sun shade.

However, bamboo screens have a lot more versatility than that. A bright pastel paint color will evoke Caribbean flavor that could brighten any disposition, while the more rough and natural use of the dried plant stalks will give off more of a Polynesian flair. Consider expanding your theme into some of your furniture pieces as well by wrapping a roll around your outdoor bar to create a fun tiki look. Add some to the exterior framework of stools to match the look as well. Experiment with the size of bamboo that you select, using thin stalks for certain elements and thicker stalks when you want a bolder look. Don't be afraid to mix and match your styles or colors, as that can create greater depth and interest. Before you know it, you'll have transformed your lawn into the perfect backyard oasis.