Why Did JennAir Appliances Fall Out Of Fashion?

JennAir appliances may no longer be a household name, but at one point in time, JennAir was considered a must-have luxury appliance for homeowners. Founded in 1947, JennAir eventually became known as the company to create the very first self-ventilating cooktop. In 1982, JennAir was bought by Maytag Corporation, but then the luxury of JennAir gradually faded away over the years.

"JennAir appliances became popular in the '80s and '90s as they were the first mass market cooktop with a downdraft ventilation unit and home designs were smaller than today," said Peggy Golden of Golden Interiors, who spoke exclusively with HouseDigest. "As newer homes have very large kitchens designed for many uses i.e.: cooking, entertaining, studying, message center etc., there are numerous newly designed appliances that homeowners can select from both mass market and luxury appliances in numerous finishes, styles and functions." While JennAir may have fallen out of fashion, it may be coming back in a big way.

Are JennAir appliances coming back?

JennAir appliances technically never fully went away, but they were not the first choice for many designers and homeowners during the past decade or so. JennAir products are considered luxury, meaning they often come with a higher price tag than other appliances on the market. Looking to keep things in-budget, many designers may have steered their clients away from the pricey JennAir and toward something more affordable. But as JennAir has reinvented itself by deemphasizing basic stainless steel and black range-oriented designs to focus on more modern sensibilities, things may be taking a turn. 

"The end of last year I visited a new JennAir showroom and was impressed with the new designs for high end stoves, cooktops, and refrigerators they have developed to compete with higher end brands with creative finishes, LED lighting and many conveniences," Peggy Golden of Golden Interiors told HouseDigest. "I expect they will re-emerge as a reliable manufacturer for a distinct product line in the luxury appliance market."

What to know about the new JennAir appliances

One look at the redesigned JennAir products and it's easy to see why they come with a high price tag. The brand launched two design elements — Rise and Noir — into their product line. Both designs are said to steer homeowners away from "cookie-cutter" kitchens and encourage finding appliances that fit their specific tastes. The Rise products are all about mixed metals, brass finishes, and geometric grates, while the Noir products are defined by lace textures, structured grates, and black glass.

And it's not just the design that makes JennAir stand out from its competitors. As JennAir fits into the new market, they have put a strong emphasis on technology. Its products come along with a digital sous-chef that allows you to monitor your cooking via an app, offer recipes, and alert you when your cooking is finished without having to open your oven. Plus, JennAir appliances have dual-stacked burners on the stovetops, gorgeous refrigeration options, and even options for small kitchens. As JennAir designs innovative products, we may just see it come out on top once again.