This Natural Ingredient Is The Secret To Banishing Pet Urine Odors From Your Lawn

We all love our four-legged friends, but let's be honest, they can sometimes make a stinky mess. Not only can dog urine smell up your lawn, but it can also kill the grass. Homeowners put a lot of time, money, and effort into keeping a healthy lawn, and pet urine not only smells bad but can cause many problems for grass. Luckily, lime, a common construction ingredient, can help eliminate pet odors and maintain healthy grass. It does this by restoring a healthy pH level to your soil to help your grass recover and stay healthy, with the added benefit of neutralizing odors.

Lime is an alkaline product made from limestone, and because the high levels of nitrogen in pet urine are acidic, lime balances out the pH, which helps with odor and the health of your grass. Specifically, hydrated lime works the best, and it has historically been used as odor control. Furthermore, lime does not just cover up the smell but also destroys the pathogens that cause the odor, making it a safe alternative to other chemicals — it won't hurt your lawn or your furbaby. Not only will lime eliminate pet urine odors, but adding lime to your lawn will help you keep a green, lush turf.

How to use lime to banish pet urine odors from your lawn

Hydrated lime is most effective for odor control and purification. Furthermore, hydrated lime works so well because it helps to alkalinize acidic soils, and urine is naturally acidic since it is high in nitrogen. It is often used in agriculture, environmental purification, and the garden to help balance acidity. Additionally, it acts much quicker than other kinds of lime. However, beware that lime can be very potent, so it can have adverse effects if used in excess.

The best way to use lime to eliminate urine odors is to apply a good amount to the affected area. After you sprinkle the lime in the odorous area, be sure to water the area well. You should immediately notice the difference. Be sure to give the area in question a good soak, as this will help the lime seep into the soil and spread the nitrogen out -– helping other areas of your grass to grow. For large-scale applications, it's recommended to use no more than 50 pounds per 1,000 square feet. However, for small-scale treatment that is usually a concentrated area, you can start with a small amount. After some time passes, gauge how much you need to add, if any. This is a great natural way to keep your lawn green and, most importantly, neutralize those pesky pet urine odors.