Fill A Bowl With This All-Natural Product To Banish Gross Garage Odors

If your garage is anything like those of other homeowners, it may start to smell as time goes by. Many garages aren't ventilated well and odor can result from mold and mildew, debris buildup in floor drains, and other sources. It's important to eliminate the source of your garage odors, but there are also some other genius tricks you can use to deodorize your smelly garage and eliminate the smell as well. Activated charcoal can do an excellent job of eliminating common garage odors and making the space more comfortable for you and your family.

To freshen up your garage, you'll simply need to add some activated charcoal to a bowl or another container and then place it in your garage. You may want to add several different bowls of activated charcoal to each corner of the garage for best results. Remember, however, that activated charcoal will get saturated over time, especially if your garage is extra humid. If you notice that the activated charcoal becomes damp, you'll need to replace it to keep experiencing the odor-reducing benefits.

How activated charcoal eliminates odors

Activated charcoal works particularly well for eliminating odors because it's so porous — it has countless microscopic holes and a large surface area of 950 to 2,000 square meters per gram. This large surface area allows it to absorb a high amount of the gas particles that make up bad odors. When air passes by the activated charcoal, the odor gets sucked into the pores, trapping and neutralizing the odor. Working similarly to a vacuum cleaner, this removes odor from the air in your garage and helps it smell better.

Activated charcoal can absorb many kinds of odors including those from mold, pets, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and other pollutants that are in the garage. You can also use activated charcoal elsewhere for lingering household odors and can easily get rid of stubborn bathroom odors with the help of activated charcoal. It also works well for personal odors and can help to remove body odor and bad breath – this is one of the reasons why activated charcoal is often used in personal care products.