The Dollar Tree Containers Every Gardener Needs For Starting Seeds

Seed starting is the highlight of a new garden for many. Having a good place to start seeds is essential for success, and finding the perfect setup can be difficult when so many options are available. Seed starting supplies can easily rack up the bill, especially if you need to buy several trays. 

If you need an inexpensive solution, look no further than Dollar Tree. You'll find countless helpful garden hacks on the shelves, including seed starting trays. The Sure Fresh Deviled Egg Carriers with Lids and the Sure Fresh Reusable Plastic Cupcake Containers make starting a garden easy by allowing you to start several seeds in one container. These containers are also easy to transport and allow you to separate your seeds so you can keep track of which is which. Their affordable price makes it easy to stock up, so you can always have them on hand for when you need to start a new batch of seeds.

Deviled egg carriers contain the perfect seed cubbies

Keeping plants separated often requires you to purchase several containers with individual cells. While these do work well, getting them out without harming the tender seedlings can be tricky. The deviled egg carriers at Dollar Tree solve this problem. Each tray contains 12 compartments for eggs. When you use them for seeds, the roots will stay in each container, allowing you to remove the plants with ease without having to untangle them. The downside is that the seedlings may be more prone to getting rootbound due to the small space, but transplanting them before they get large enough to need more space will prevent this from happening. 

Seeds need moisture to germinate, and a humidity dome is a great way to ensure they receive enough of it. The lid will function as a humidity dome or greenhouse, supplying your seeds with ample moisture. Once your seeds germinate, you'll need to remove the lid; otherwise, you risk growing mold or waterlogging your seedlings. Unless you drill holes in the egg carrier, the compartments may hold excess moisture that can lead to root rot, so leaving the lid on for too long can be detrimental.

Cupcake carriers keep your seeds cozy

The Dollar Tree cupcake carrier has larger compartments than the egg carrier, but there are fewer of them, and they are much shallower. However, it's good to use if you want your seedlings to get a little larger before you transplant them. If you don't mind untangling roots, you can fill the carrier with soil beyond the separate compartments and plant seeds in rows as you would outdoors in a planter or raised bed. If you want to keep your plants separated, use cupcake liners and fill those with soil. You can use the compartments for organization, or you can try to squeeze as many liners as possible to make the most of your space.

The larger shallow compartments in this container give you the opportunity to bottom-water plants in containers. If you have young seedlings in small seed-starting pots, place them in the compartments, then fill them with water. The plants will have their own water supply and soak it up from the bottom of the pot. Like the deviled egg container, the lid will help you keep humidity in the container.