The Stunning Detail On No Demo Reno That Brings Instant Modern Charm To A Home

Modern style is known for clean lines and little ornamentation. Though this has become a dominant style, many people can find modern interiors to lack some personality. Mixing in the charm of some traditional styles with the cleanness of modern interiors can add some warmth back into what can sometimes be considered an austere space. That's what HGTV host Jenn Todryk did on an episode of "No Demo Reno" to add character to a modernized home. "Notice ... the Craftsman-style trim we added everywhere in these main areas," Todryk told her clients. "It's kind of like an homage and a nod to back in that style. [The home] is more modern, but it really has more of the characteristic that it probably should have had from the beginning." Todryk added molding around the windows and door frame, which adds tons of charm to the updated home.

Craftsman homes are known for handcrafted elements, including the woodwork, which often has intricate details. The moldings themselves are often simple, with edges that have rounded corners. Sometimes, the design has multiple edges stacked on top of each other. This molding style is perfect to pair with a modern, updated home because it has clean lines and simple shapes while adding texture and visual interest. Using it around windows and doors helps draw attention to these details.

Adding Craftsman charm to your home

As Jenn Todryk proved, Craftsman molding is a great way to add charm to your home and highlight decorative features. What's great about this trim style is that you can easily add it to your home yourself. You can create the trim and install it around your windows and doors using MDF (medium-density fiberboard), saws, a nail gun, and nails. This allows you to customize the trim to fit around your windows and doors, no matter how large or small they may be. Doing the project yourself also encapsulates the original spirit of Craftsman homes, in which handcrafted woodwork is one of the style's distinguishing features.

However, if you don't want to complete the project completely from scratch, you can purchase Craftsman-style molding pieces, such as the ones from Architectural Depot, which cost between $62.50 and $73.53, depending on how many you buy. They have a variety of widths to fit windows and doors of various sizes.

While the molding around windows and doors draws attention to the space because of the added texture, there are other ways to make this more of a feature. Make the trim stand out from the wall with paint colors. Painting the trim a contrasting hue to the walls ensures it stands out more, which can be a delightful design choice for cozy Craftsman-inspired bedrooms. Similarly, you can add wallpaper to walls and a complementing color to the trim if you want something bolder.

Use Craftsman trim around the house

Craftsman trim doesn't only have to be around the windows and doors of a home. Jenn Todryk also uses it as crown molding in combination with board and batten in the dining room of her clients' homes. The two wood details together create a feature wall, especially when paired with statement sconces. The molding adds another layer of texture and unique Craftsman charm to the space.

In the dining room, Todryk adjusts the trim around the windows and doors to be smaller so they do not clash with the Craftsman molding on the ceiling. It's suggested to consider the height of a room's ceilings when deciding on the crown height; this prevents the molding from overwhelming the room. Standard 8-foot ceilings should use crown molding that is 2 ½ inches to 6 inches in height. If you have high-set windows, you can opt for trim and molding on the smaller side of the spectrum, so there is enough room for both to be a feature. Or, if the windows are high enough, the trim at the top of the window can connect with the crown molding, creating a seamless design.

Todryk recommends approaching design trends cautiously, so if you're unsure if Craftsman trip is right for your home, try it out in a single room to see if you like the effect.