Use This Pinterest-Approved Advice To Sell Your Home Faster In 2024

Getting your home ready to list on the MLS can be nerve-wracking. You need to set the right price, take attractive photos, and write an alluring description. Plus, you'll want to make sure your realtor is friendly, attentive, and knows how to host open houses and find the right buyers. The hope is that once listed, your home goes under contract fast, nothing comes up during the inspection period, and the sale goes through with little to no complication. When it comes to selling your home, the last thing you want is for your property to sit on the market for months with no traffic, showings, or offers. 

It's why you're probably wondering, which one of those things is the key to helping you sell real estate fast? Surprisingly, the answer isn't anything on the list above. Of course, you need to set the right price and take attractive photos. But if you're sidestepping this important advice, your house likely won't be flying off the market anytime soon. If you want an offer on your home fast, the key is connection. "More often than not, it's the presentation that is the issue," one Pinterest user, Lori of Rethink Home Interiors, says in their blog. If you're wondering what that means for real estate, creating a connection is all about ensuring your property resonates with buyers' preferences, senses, and emotions. If you're wondering how to incorporate this advice so your home sells fast, read on.

One thing you can't overlook

Real estate isn't only about the cold, hard math of the deal. Yes, the right pricing is important. But, when it comes to selling a home, you need to ensure your house delivers a mood and aesthetic that welcomes your ideal buyers and mirrors their persona and lifestyle back to them. The right staging will help sell your home faster because it helps buyers connect and imagine themselves living in the space and enjoying it. 

Buyers are more likely to connect with your home if they see touches that are trending on social platforms and in home decor stores. You'll have to incorporate these items in a way that's consistent and coherent with your property's character and style. Although there are many trends, not all will be right for your home. You'll want a presentation that's trendy enough that it will resonate with modern buyers but universal enough to attract a wide range of audiences as well.

And while you'll want to sell your house without spending tons to get there, investing in staging that buyers connect with can be a make-or-break decision. No one wants to look at a cold, austere, empty living room in pictures or in person. From the images gracing your listing to the feel when buyers come for a tour, your presentation creates the connection that can be the difference between your home selling fast or sitting on the market for months.

How to do it yourself

Before you set up your presentation, you'll want to audit your home's character and design to determine which staging elements will elevate its best attributes. For example, reports that the hottest home trends for 2024 include cozy bathrooms, stone statement pieces, and elaborate trimmings like tassels, fringes, and pom-pom pillows and throws. While you shouldn't utilize all of these, picking the ones that your space and working them into your staging will help buyers connect authentically. If your home is modern with high ceilings, stone accents can create a luxurious look. If your house is a craftsman bungalow with tiny bathrooms, adding cozy elements may make the space feel cluttered. In a case like this, consider keeping the bathroom minimally staged, but opt for pom-pom and tasseled pillows in your bedrooms instead. Staging has to match the overall aesthetic of your home and have your ideal buyer persona in mind.

If you want to take Pinterest's presentation advice, you don't have to hire a professional stager. There are many budget-friendly home staging tips and ways to easily incorporate trends. For example, HGTV suggests that in 2024, the trendiest home decor items include spindle furniture, steel accent cabinets, textured stone, patterned quilts, and flower market prints. Many of these can be DIY projects or sourced from thrift stores. With this Pinterest-approved presentation hack and the perfect listing photos, you can have confidence that once your real estate hits the market, it's primed to sell — fast.