Jenny Marrs Proves No Laundry Room Is Complete Without These Essential Features

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When we look to renovate our home, we usually pay attention to big-ticket items like the kitchen or living spaces. But when we truly think about it, we often spend a good chunk of our time in our laundry room, so why not make it not only functional, but beautiful as well? Jenny Marrs of HGTV's "Rock the Block" agrees, so when she had the chance to remodel a laundry room on the show, she didn't hold back, making sure it had essential features like lots of counter space and windows so you can get natural light as you do the wash.

"Laundry is something that, especially if you have kiddos, is done every single day," Marrs says. "You don't want to be in a cramped little room to do it. You want a beautiful setting, with pretty sunshine streaming through the windows and enough counter space for folding clothes." If that sounds like something you need in your home, here's how to achieve it.

How to create a laundry room like Jenny Marrs

When planning out your laundry room renovation, you need to consider a few specific things. You need space (and hookups) for your washer and dryer, whether you have a stacking washer/dryer combo or a side-by-side, along with ample counter space, enough storage, and some design elements that make the space inviting and fresh. Bonus items include a sink, greenery, and baskets for extra storage. Jenny Marrs opted for grays and wicker for the design, which, along with the windows, makes the room feel airy and bright.

To add a bit of fun to the space, Marrs opted for blue mosaic tiles. She used the Indigo Encaustic Tile from the Kenzzi Collection, but similar options include the Faenza Azul tiles from Home Depot for $9.29 per square foot or the Maiolica Adagio Porcelain Wall Tile from The Tile Shop for $6.83 per square foot. Round out the space with wicker window shades, like bamboo blinds from Amazon from $76.99, and a wicker floor mat from Amazon for $25.29.

Other things to consider when remodeling a laundry room

Your laundry room is a place where you can get a bit creative, but you also want the area to feel calming as you do a chore you likely don't want to do. Jenny Marrs opted for muted colors in her "Rock the Block" laundry remodel, using Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter for the cabinet color. The light gray blended nicely with the white cabinets and the blue floor tile, making the space feel peaceful and welcoming. She added touches of glam by using gold hardware and adding artwork to empty wall space.

Instead of putting the box of detergent on your new countertop, opt for glass jars instead. You can find glass containers similar to the ones Marrs used on Amazon for about $28. Add some design with wall art — Marrs used pieces from Amy Marcy Art, but you can find similar breezy artwork on Amazon or Kirklands and finish off the space with greenery and wicker baskets, which you can find at Walmart for about $24.