Naturally Repel Pests From Your Garden With An Item From Your Kitchen

Garden pests are no fun. It takes a lot of effort and time to get garden plants to thrive. So, pests coming along and destroying an expensive and labor-intensive crop can be a real headache. The last thing you want to do for edible crops is to spray toxic chemicals on your food. So, what are your options? While there are plenty of ways to repel bugs naturally, rice water seems to be the most budget-friendly and beneficial option. Not only does rice water prevent pests from eating your crops, but several scientific studies have examined the benefits of rice water on plants and their ability to increase growth and breed healthy plants!

What chemical pesticide do you know of that helps plants grow fuller and healthier? While many different elements contribute to rice water's benefit in the garden, the starch in the rice water helps feed beneficial bacteria, fungi, and microbes that increase soil health, ultimately leading to stronger plants. However, there are a few different preparation methods for using rice water in the garden, and it really comes down to personal preference. Washed rice water is the byproduct of washing rice before it gets cooked. However, you can also make rice water by boiling rice, straining the excess water, or making fermented rice water.

Different kinds of rice water

When you go to make rice, most of us have been warned by concerned grandmas or aunties telling us to wash our rice before cooking it. However, studies have found that washed rice water, often wasted down the drain, is extremely rich in nutrients that act as an extraordinary fertilizer for plants. Rice loses most of its nutritional value in the washing process alone, so why waste that precious rice water and not apply it to your garden? To create this kind of rice water, all you need to do is place your organic rice in a bowl of water and let it soak for 30 to 45 minutes. Give it a final stir, strain it, put the rice water in a spray bottle, and apply it liberally to your plants.

Another option is to boil your rice for about 45 minutes in more water than you typically would. Next, strain your rice into a bowl or other container and let it cool. Then, take the cooled water and water your plants with it.

Perhaps the most nutrient-rich and pest-repelling option is to make fermented rice water. It takes a bit more time, but it is worth the wait. It's supercharged because the fermentation process breeds higher levels of lactic acid bacteria. This beneficial bacteria has been known to increase your plant's natural defenses against diseases like powdery mildew. Simply add rice and water to a jar, let it sit, and ferment for four days.

How to use rice water to repel pests

Rice water is a cheap, effective way to repel pests and fertilize your plants at the same time. Whether you choose to make a washed rice solution, a boiled rice solution, or fermented rice water, all of these options contain beneficial bacteria that help build soil structure and deter common garden pests and diseases. Your plants can reap the benefits of rice water using a few different methods.

One option is to fill a spray bottle and do a foliar and soil spray of your garden plants. This is known as misting, and your plants can absorb nutrients through their leaves and the soil. If you have potted plants you want to give a boost, soak the pot in some of the rice water for up to an hour. The other option that may be most effective for pest issues in the garden is to do a soil drench, where you water the entire garden bed with rice water, drenching the soil and the plants. Whatever method of application you choose, your plants will undoubtedly benefit. Reduce waste by preserving and utilizing vital nutrients that would otherwise get washed down the drain, build healthier soil and plants, and save money with this brilliant rice water hack.