The Innovative Bedroom Design Trend Pinterest Says We'll See A Lot Of In 2024

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When it comes to your home, your bedroom is the place that should truly feel like you. Bedroom design aesthetics dominating 2024 vary — some have leaned into the idea of quiet luxury while others are making their bedrooms pop with dopamine décor. But there's one design trend that fits any aesthetic: smart bedrooms. Technology has integrated into our homes over the past few years, including things like camera-operated doorbells, refrigerators that can be controlled by an app, and HVAC systems that can change the temperature based on the time of the day. And now, tech is coming into our bedrooms in big ways.

Smart homes have been a trend for a few years now, but according to Pinterest, 2024 is all about tech-integrated bedrooms. This means smart curtains that open and close on demand, beds that can track your sleep, and pillows that can stop snoring in its tracks. Gone are the days of waking up to a dark, stuffy room after a rough night of sleep — with the addition of tech, you can have a temperature-controlled bed and wake to your favorite songs playing as your eyes adjust to the sunlight streaming into your windows.

Tech-integrated items you'll want for your bedroom

Technology, although it has its positives and negatives, has allowed us to live an easier life. As tech-forward bedrooms become more and more common, items have been created that make our quality of sleep improve and help us start our day on the right foot. Our beds are the shining star of our bedrooms, so why not invest in one that can make sleeping more comfortable? Newly created smart beds, like the Sleep Number® Climate360® smart bed, can control the temperature of the mattress while you sleep, along with firmness. It can also adjust your head position to combat snoring and track your sleep cycles, giving you more insight into your overall sleep quality.

If you are someone who enjoys pleasant smells upon waking up, consider the Sensorwake Trio, which releases scents to help you wake up more calmly, or get the real deal by waking up to freshly brewed coffee with a self-brewing coffee machine.

More tech-forward bedroom products

If the idea of a smart bedroom sounds like a dream, you're in luck. Technology hasn't just touched our mattresses and alarm clocks — innovators have created smart items for every corner of our room. The Sobro Smart Side Table has a built-in refrigerator, so you never have to deal with drinking room-temp water in the middle of the night, and a sensor that will light up when you step out of bed. For those who crave natural sunlight, the Switchbot Curtain 3 works alongside your alarm clock and will open your curtains slowly as it goes off.

If snoring is your biggest issue, tech has even created an item to help get rid of that for good. Using artificial intelligence, the Anti-Snore Motion Pillow will move your head as you sleep to stop you from snoring. And if you want to wake up to freshly laundered clothing, the LG Styler is a smart closet that uses steam to keep clothes fresh as you sleep.