Space-Saving Countertop Dishwashers Go Viral On TikTok — Are They Worth It?

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A perk of living in the modern age is the advent of new inventions that make life easier. Countertop dishwashers may be one such innovation for people who live in apartments, small homes, or tiny houses that can't use larger appliances. While these portable, countertop options are significantly smaller than traditional, built-in dishwashers, they're garnering attention on TikTok and e-commerce sites like Amazon, leading some consumers to question: Are they worth the hype?

One particular countertop dishwasher from the brand ecozy — normally $412 on Amazon — has been lauded by various TikTok accounts, with apartment dwellers and busy individuals recommending the compact appliance to followers. In one such video, TikTok user @evilhiccup shares a brief review of their portable dishwasher and shows how easily they can fill it with water from the sink. They go on to praise the design's simplicity and demonstrate the appliance's small size by showing how it can fit snugly below their overhanging cabinets. Operating the device seems simple enough — just add your dishes, detergent, and water, select your desired cycle, and press start.

How (and how well) do these dishwashers work?

The countertop dishwasher from ecozy is a clever little device that, as buyers attest, packs a powerful punch when cleaning dishes. Just remember to place it near an electrical outlet, as well as a sink, bucket, or window since it drains used water throughout a cycle. If space is tight, a 61-inch drain tube is included for maximum flexibility. The dishwasher can either be manually filled with water (5 liters per cycle) or use the included sink-inlet hose. The device has a clear window on the front, allowing you to watch it while it works.


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It's programmed with five cycles, which should cover most people's dishwashing needs: Rinse, Quick, ECO, Normal, and Heavy. Runtimes range from 19 to 89 minutes, and the cycle's temperature will vary, depending on your selection. Many reviews mention how well the appliance cleans dishes — just remember to scrape off excess food before running a cycle and to load the dishwasher correctly so every item gets squeaky clean. While fans claim the ecozy dishwasher rivals the efficiency and results of traditional, larger-capacity appliances, critics allege that it leaves dishes dirty and isn't worth the price. Despite some negative feedback, however, the appliance has mostly positive reviews — 77% are five stars, with only 4% of buyers leaving single-star assessments.

Who should consider a countertop dishwasher?

Older apartments and small homes that lack a built-in dishwasher could make great use of a countertop model. Similarly, folks who own RVs and campers may also find that this portable appliance makes day-to-day life easier, as long as their space has 120-volt electrical capabilities and a three-prong outlet. As for capacity, countertop dishwashers are ideal for individuals, couples, and families welcoming their first child. Those with a new baby in the house may also find this gadget a helpful way to clean breast pump parts, baby bottles, pacifiers, and washable toys, even if they already have a full-capacity dishwasher in their home. If you're on the fence, keep in mind that it requires very little water per cycle, likely making it less wasteful than hand-washing dishes.

Worth noting is that this appliance is too small to wash large mixing bowls, pots, or pans. Similarly, it may not be helpful for big families or households with large dishes, as it can only accommodate plates up to 11 inches. With a rough footprint of 17x17 inches, the ecozy model also takes up valuable counter space that could otherwise be used to dry larger items. Given the appliance's price point, it may not be the best investment for those with the space to purchase a traditional, full-size dishwasher, as these can cost about the same or a bit more, depending on the model.