If Your Clothes Are Soaking Wet After A Laundry Cycle, This Could Be Why

Whether you enjoy doing laundry on Sunday mornings or randomly throughout the week, we can all agree it's a sacred cycle. Wash, dry, fold, repeat, right? Your routine has likely been the same since college or even before. So, like the washing ritual that welcomes us to a gloriously fresh set of clothing, the annoyances that sometimes come along with it can be more frustrating than anything else. One of those major grievances is soaking wet clothes after what seemed to be a perfectly normal laundry cycle.

Thankfully, this doesn't mean you have to find an expensive replacement for your washer right away. Though that's always a possibility, the main reason why your machine is disrupting your laundry schedule could simply be a clogged drain hose. Luckily, this is also the easiest method to fix. The drain hose connects to the back of the washer and, unfortunately, this area is prone to accidental damage from constant use. It's easy for kinks to appear, so to fix this, disconnect the hose and ensure it's clear of any obstructions. 

If using a snake to unclog your drain feels out of your element, combine equal parts hot water and vinegar and pour your mixture down the drain. Wait about 30 minutes before starting another cycle to make sure it's ready to go. If that doesn't sort it, check these things next.

Other reasons your washer may not be working properly

Are you stuffing large loads into your washer to get through everything faster? We're all guilty of it but this can cause major issues with any machine, making the spin cycle unbalanced and maybe even unable to run to completion. Ensuring you don't overfill is key to longevity, and can stop future issues from creeping up on you. Generally, you'll know your washer is unbalanced if it shakes or makes loud noises from all the pressure. Combat this by being very particular about what clothing you wash together. Take extra precautions by spreading your items out evenly in your washer before starting the load. 

If wet clothing persists, consider whether your drain hose itself is unbalanced. Washing machines typically require a standpipe that is at least 39 inches above the floor to function normally, so if your drain hose is too low or too high this may disrupt the regular draining process. Because the water has nowhere else to go, your laundry load soaks it all up. If you're up to the challenge, start by removing the hose from the machine. 

Grab your wrench and carefully remove the bolt that locks the hose to the machine. Have a bucket nearby to catch any water that spills through. Before replacing, check for any cuts or tears to ensure you don't need a whole new hose. If you do need to replace it, have someone hold the new hose over the washer and drain hole while you screw it in from the bottom. Then, simply reattach the other end to the washing machine. 

There's another reason you might not have considered

When we get past all the logistics of what could be going wrong with your washer, you may feel like you're going a bit mad if issues persist. After all, if the drain pipes are aligned or brand new, that can't be it. If your machine is balanced in the laundry room and stuffed with the proper amount of items to ensure a quick and easy cycle, that's not the problem either. Thus, it all comes down to one last, measly detail: The laundry detergent you're using.

Picking the right detergent is crucial. If you've ever accidentally used a regular detergent in the past, when your machine requires the high-efficiency variety, an overabundance of soap suds may be restricting its ability to properly spin, leading to sopping wet clothing as soon as it's time to pop your laundry in the dryer. Before stocking up on whichever laundry detergent is currently on sale, check to see if your washer is labeled HE, or high efficiency. 

HE machines require specific detergents because they use less water, meaning the process of cleaning clothes and creating suds is completely different. Some great examples include Tide Hygienic Clean Heavy Duty 10X Liquid Laundry Detergent and Arm & Hammer Clean & Simple Crisp Clean Liquid Laundry Detergent. Always check the label and packaging before purchasing to ensure you're grabbing the correct items for an easy laundry day next week.