Jeremiah Brent's Money-Saving Advice Is A Game Changer For New Homeowners

New homeowners know, purchasing a home is a major investment. Large payments aside, there are many frustrating extra expenses that can sneak up on you during the process. When you finally get your keys, the excitement of adding furniture and décor to make it feel like home begins, but unfortunately so do the added costs. Luckily, there are ways to save money and still create a space that's designed to the nines. On HGTV, Jeremiah Brent is known for his sophisticated and creative designs. But online, he shares his game-changing techniques that help homeowners achieve high design without breaking the bank.

"I would never buy everything completely brand new. Designs change so much, and you can go into a store and curate a really beautiful life of vintage pieces," advises Brent on YouTube. "It changes the way you look at the world and the way you find beauty."

The addition of vintage pieces isn't only about saving money. For Brent, vintage selections add character to a home and stimulate the homeowner's creativity. But vintage shopping isn't always as easy as shopping new. Instead of browsing online catalogs with new items you can personalize and ship to your door, vintage shopping requires a bit more strategy and effort. Below we showcase how Jeremiah Brent incorporates this ethos into his design and discuss the best ways to use his technique to save money by following his advice. 

Shop vintage like Jeremiah Brent

On HGTV, Jeremiah Brent shows that shopping vintage isn't just a way to save money, but it's a creative way to infuse personality into a home. On Season 2, Episode 2 of HGTV's "The Nate and Jeremiah Home Project" the hosts sought to achieve warmth in an otherwise underutilized entertaining room. One way they did so was to install a vintage mantle for the fireplace. Over 200 years old, white, and weathered, the mantle was an ideal focal point that added warmth and depth to the room. The designer couple was inspired by the vintage mantle in their own home. This is no surprise, as antique fireplaces are a staple in Brent's design projects for creating a storied home look.

As Brent does, you'll likely want to create a tasteful blend of old and new furniture and décor in your home. Deciding which pieces to buy used to save money can be challenging. Luckily, Jeremiah Brent gave easy tips to guide your shopping in his interview with MyDomaine. "Invest in these key pieces: sofas, chairs, and a dining table — the pieces that are going to get the most use," he said. "If you're working with a tight budget, don't stress about the small stuff like pillows, candles, bowls, and other accessories." This is a great way to guide your vintage shopping and tackle everything on your list. 

Vintage shopping dos and don'ts

Following the HGTV designer's advice and buying used is a great way to save money and personalize home design. Utilizing this tip requires the right strategy, as vintage shopping can be costly. Used doesn't always mean affordable, and the prices of rare antiques can catch novice vintage shoppers off guard — even Jeremiah Brent's vintage stop, Atrio, contains a selection of extremely expensive pieces. The truth is, if you don't buy everything new, you still need the right strategy to ensure you maximize your design dollars. The best place to start is to take Brent's advice and look for used small items, home décor, and affordable accessories that add unique touches to your home. These items can often be sourced at thrift stores and garage sales. Successfully buying antique furniture for your home often involves more of an investment, so you should skip antiques to save money. 

The key to saving money when you're not buying everything new is to look for used, old, and thrifted rather than antique or rare. There are common mistakes when shopping at flea markets and similar used shops that you'll want to avoid. For example, carefully checking items for damages is important with used goods where there's likely a no-return policy. Asking about an item's materials and researching measurements is also necessary, especially when buying online. While buying everything new might be an easier experience, following Jeremiah Brent's advice is worthwhile for saving money and cultivating a home with enviable character and flair.