Create A Rustic Planter On A Budget With This Creative DIY

Finding new ways to display low-maintenance plants like succulents can take your home and garden from same-old to exciting. The trouble is, many unique and beautiful planters fall far outside of average household budgets. However, by getting creative with thrifted or repurposed materials, you can create a one-of-a-kind rustic planter. By mounting a tap and a bowl to weathered wood, you can create a unique planter that adds character to your yard.

The DIY, recently featured in Hubpages, only requires a few materials: an old tap or faucet, a bowl or container for your plants, a few twisted strands of copper wire or lights, and a wood board. You'll also need a way to secure the bowl and tap to the wood board such as sturdy glue, screws, or nut and bolt fixings. If you're in the middle of a bathroom renovation, this project is an ideal way to repurpose some old hardware. Otherwise, you'll likely find all needed materials at a thrift store or dollar store without too much trouble.

How to make your faucet planter

At its simplest, this DIY project only requires four steps. The first is to gather your materials. YouTube creator Kristin Kay uses faux flowers to fill her DIY planter, but you can easily opt to rehome some of your houseplants or outdoor succulents instead. Next, treat your wood backing as needed. You may choose to leave your weathered wood as-is to achieve a rustic style, or if you're repurposing old wood from a past use you could sand it down and re-stain it to your liking.

The third step is to attach your faucet and your planter to the wooden backing. Ensure that the attachments are secure, especially if you'll be placing real plants and soil in the planter. Using a combination of strong wood glue and screws is a good way to avoid future spills and accidents. At this stage, you can also attach the copper wire or fairy lights to the faucet to create the illusion of running water. Fourth, fill your stunning DIY succulent planter with your plants of choice, and mount the project in an area suitable to your chosen plant type.

Perks of this DIY project

This rustic faucet planter DIY project is beginner-friendly and extremely easy to customize. The accessible price point and the opportunities for repurposing weathered wood and up-cycling renovation waste make it an even more exciting project. It also makes use of vertical space, which adds character to your entire space while giving you extra room for even more plants.

Using the same basic project steps, DIYers can create endless variations of this planter. Select paint or wood stain that best reflects your tastes and the style of the space you'll mount your planter in. You could choose a bowl or container of just about any size for the planter, and you can even use paint or contact paper to further decorate the container. On the end of the faucet, you could use wires, twinkly lights, a vining plant, or another repurposed material to create the effect of flowing water. Since this project is so low-budget and easy to complete, you can even make it part of a set and decorate your whole patio with various repurposed faucet planters!