Why You Should Tie An Orange Ribbon Around The Trees In Your Yard

One of the best ways to help your garden thrive is to invite nature to help out. If you want to attract pollinators to your yard to nourish your plants, you can tie an orange ribbon around the trees to summon hummingbirds to your garden. Hummingbirds do a whole lot of good for a thriving garden by pollinating plants. Even if you're just a bird lover and would rather watch them enjoy your yard, this trick works just the same.

These little birds have a keen eye for color. In fact, hummingbirds can see colors that humans cannot. While we have three types of cones in our eyes that are color-sensitive, hummingbirds have four. The fourth cone picks up ultraviolet light, which is thought to make these tiny birds see colors that no one else can. Since this can enable them to view colors more vibrantly, it helps them gravitate toward the brightest-colored flowers, which also tend to have the most nectar. Using their color vision helps them thrive.

Hummingbirds are drawn to bright colors

To draw hummingbirds to your yard, it's best to tie orange ribbons that are bright enough to be seen when they are in flight. You can purchase orange surveyor's tape and cut off a section about 12 inches long, depending on your tree's girth. Then simply tie the ribbon around your tree. You also don't have to stop at the trees either — you can tie orange ribbons to your porch, planters, and even your fence. Just make sure to tie them in key areas where hummingbirds have an incentive to visit.

Besides orange, there are other colors that hummingbirds enjoy. In particular, these birds like the color red. Tempt them to make a pit stop by tying red or orange ribbons around your feeders. Better yet, paint your feeders orange or red or buy some designs with red or orange lids, perches, or tops. You can also use colorful benches and make a charming DIY birdbath.

Keep hummingbirds happy and safe

Of course, if you draw them in, you should back that up by offering them some food or homemade nectar, which is typically sugar water. Carefully plan out where you place ribbons near your bird feeders so they won't have to go far to find the food. You can also bulk up your flower power by placing bright orange ribbons near flowers. One popular houseplant that attracts hummingbirds to your yard is the begonia. A birdbath will also help supply the hummingbird with necessary water before it goes on its way — and also encourage it to come back again.

To keep hummingbirds safe once they frequent your yard, you need to protect them from predators. Place feeders at least 4 feet high. This will help protect these pint-sized birds from family pets like dogs and cats, which The International Hummingbird Society says are the top predators of these birds, though hawks rank high on the list. It also helps to pivot feeders so they aren't immediately near branches where a cat could easily climb, yet close enough to nearby trees and foliage so hummingbirds can quickly fly for cover when they sense a predator.