Disguise Extra Storage In Your Living Room With IKEA's Popular ALEX Piece

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Extra storage space is about as valuable as an extra bathroom these days, especially if your home is smaller. While bins and containers are great if you have a big closet or a garage to store them in, finding a piece of furniture that can double as a place to keep items is an absolute win. Ottomans that can house blankets, coffee tables that lift up to reveal a hidden compartment, and IKEA drawers that can serve as a side table: functionality at its finest. If you've been looking for a way to disguise storage in your home, these drawers might be the cleverest addition to any room. The slim, sleek design looks good in almost any setting, and the drawers will allow you to stash remotes, tablets, accessories, and more.

When it comes to decorating, it's always ideal to balance functionality and fashion. Some drawer units can look bulky or awkward depending on where you place them, especially if it is in a common area meant for minimalistic designs. The IKEA ALEX drawers are built with this in mind, offering unobtrusive storage with a design that suits any layout. 

The clever way to hide your items

Swapping this unit for a side table that only boasts one or two shelves has several perks, including the fact that important items are within reach but won't be on immediate display, reducing clutter. Having a few staple accessories on top of your surfaces is fine, but if too many accumulate your space may begin to look unkempt or chaotic. The ALEX drawers' main draw is that you can slide it in almost anywhere, even if you only have a narrow stretch between a piece of furniture and a wall. You don't need a lot of floor space, and the different-size drawers will help keep items organized without distracting from your interior design.

Once you've filled the drawers, you can focus on decorating the top to still present a side table appearance. Because of the slim nature of the piece, it's best to stick with two or three items to avoid overloading it. A lamp like this Target Rattan Mini Lamp and a candle, picture frame, or ornament will add homey touches without looking busy. Side table rules suggest keeping furniture, including light sources, all on a similar level to produce a cozy, inviting atmosphere, which is why a shorter or smaller lamp might be best for this piece. Leave room for a book or magazine that's within easy reach, and your storage-friendly side table is done!