Why You Should Put Plastic Wrap On Your Glass Shower Door

We all know that the bathroom is probably one of the germiest places in the home, especially when you have kids. So, cleaning it as often as necessary is integral to feeling like your home is at peak cleanliness. Sometimes, though, it can feel impossible to get to that point. Those hard water spots, mineral deposits, and pink scum that hang around the perimeter of your bathtub. Of course, magic erasers can help get rid of them, but what if we told you there was a deeper clean possible? And that it already resided in your kitchen cabinet?

According to YouTuber Andrea Jean Cleaning, plastic wrap may be your new best friend. If you have a glass shower door, cleaning day could look a lot brighter if you follow these steps. First things first, grab your cleaner of choice. For glass shower doors, opt for a store-bought or homemade cleaner (anything with a vinegar or baking soda base is a great option), then spray a generous amount on your glass shower doors. Use a magic eraser or Scrub Daddy for your cleaning needs, then lay the plastic wrap across the door. This will ensure the door stays moist and that the product stays in place for about 30 minutes. Remove and rinse clean and your hard water spots should disappear. If spots remain, the user recommends following up with a harsher bathroom buildup remover like Scotch Brite's Swift Scrub.

How does this compare to other methods?

Though this method seems to be extremely effective, we explored a few other methods to test which idea would be the most productive and cost-efficient. As plastic wrap is extremely inexpensive, it does seem like a great option for getting a deeper clean that doesn't come with the hassle of a high price tag. But considering that double cleaning may already be in your cards depending on if it actually works for you, we thought that ensuring a deep clean would be a better idea.

TikTok user @nooks.crannies gets rid of their water stains by starting with Rain-X Shower Door X-treme Clean and a sponge. After the first rinse, they follow up with an ammonia-free glass cleaner. Similar to the first option, this one does use the double cleaning method, but Rain-X is a stronger method since it causes water beads to slide off of glass surfaces. This method as a starter will save you from taking the actual step, though it can be a bit more expensive than plastic wrap.

Another method from TikTokker @casalucyro caught our attention and may catch yours if you'd prefer a milder cleaner. Though both of the previous methods mentioned are effective, they both use strong chemicals that could be a bit overwhelming. They used steel wool in combination with a dry or wet cleaner to get rid of the harsh water stains, though you'll need to be firm if you have water deposits present.

The major deciding factor

Water-softening systems can make a difference. Though all three of these options are great depending on your specific lifestyle, the type of water you have access to does make a difference in the labor it'll take to clean hard water stains, mineral deposits, and any grime or mildew settling into your bathroom.

First things first, consider if your home would benefit from a water softener –  or a device that removes minerals that create hardness in your everyday appliances. This includes any appliance in your bathroom and kitchen. Considering this same water may be used in your everyday cooking and cleaning cycle, it can definitely cause dry skin and hair. So, to save yourself from a ruined faucet head or all that soap scum buildup, it's best to install this full infiltration system as soon as you can. Once installed, your water softener will use a high-quality brine solution to rid all water throughout your home of harsh minerals like calcium and magnesium.

If you've already made the switch to softer water, the benefits of using plastic wrap on your shower doors may be extremely beneficial to maintaining cleaner, shinier doors. Consider the pros and cons of whether this method works with your lifestyle, your time, and how you prefer to clean your bathroom. Though it may not be entirely necessary depending on the strength of your current water stains, we believe it's worth the try. Regardless, be sure that you're using a quality cleaner that will ensure those doors are gleaming.