The Earthy Bathroom Trend That's Gaining Popularity In 2024

Are you looking for ways to hop on 2024 bathroom trends? You might want to start by getting back to nature. "Designers are embracing more natural materials, and less manmade. Think more use of zellige tile, stone, and terracotta tiles," Jessica Reynau, a designer for Tald, told Forbes. So, instead of embellishing your bathroom with artificial-looking tiles and fake stone countertops, consider opting for an earthier vibe by investing in these more natural and artistic options for the space.

For instance, do you need a new vanity countertop? Explore natural stone options, such as granite, marble, or quartzite — a natural stone, unlike quartz, which is manmade. Of course, these natural stone countertops can be expensive and potentially high-maintenance, so keep that in mind when shopping. However, having such trendy and high-quality countertops in your restroom will likely impress guests and possibly even increase your home's resale value. And once you decide on your countertop, don't forget about unique and appealing tiles.

Check out zellige tile

Instead of using basic porcelain tiles in your bathroom, consider opting for more artistic zellige tiles. "Zellige tiles have been around for hundreds of years ... There aren't many materials that are as versatile and original as zellige," Aubrey Butcher, the interior designer who co-owns Riad Tile, told Better Homes & Gardens. So, not only will zellige tiles add a trendier touch to your bathroom, but they'll also stay timeless and appear unique, making them worth the investment in the long term.

Are you ready to commit to zellige tiles in your bathroom? Check out the Moroccan Zellige 4-inch by 4-inch Ceramic Floor and Wall Tile, selling for under $25 per square foot at Wayfair. Made in Morocco, these tiles are water-resistant and have a glossy finish. Or, consider the highly rated white Moroccan Handmade 2-inch by 6-inch Zellige Tile. You can buy a box of 48 of the rectangular zellige tiles for around $100 at Bed Bath & Beyond, also with a glossy finish.

There are other terracotta tile options, too

While zellige is one excellent form of terracotta tile, it's not the only option if you want trendy yet timeless terracotta tile in your bathroom. So, you can still use terracotta tiles in the restroom without sticking to zellige. For instance, do you want a more rustic look? Check out the 2-inch by 6-inch Terra Cotta Moroccan Wall & Floor Tile, available for less than $15 per square foot at Wayfair. The water-resistant and earthy-looking tiles have honed finishes.

After you commit to terracotta tiles in your bathroom and fall in love with them, remember that they can also look excellent in other rooms and areas. "They work brilliantly in hallways, kitchens and laundry rooms but we've also used them for sitting rooms with underfloor heating and even on walls in bars and restaurants for a honeycomb feel," Rob Whitaker, a creative director, told House & Garden. Therefore, natural stone countertops and artistic, non-basic tiles are ideal for adding trendy earthy energy to your bathroom.