The Stunning Kitchen Cabinet Trend That's Making An Elegant Comeback In Homes

Glass kitchen doors are timeless. Whether they're outfitting a 1950s-style home or sitting pretty in a modern condo, they will always be in style. In addition to making kitchens look organized and beautiful, glass cabinets also help a space feel bigger and brighter by reflecting light all around the room. It's no wonder they've been a staple of kitchens for years, but as with all things design, their style has changed. Homeowners have cycled through leaden, frosted, clear, and textured glass cabinets, depending on the style of the moment — and now, what's old is new.

It's time for stained glass kitchen cabinets to shine again. "Stained glass cabinets were once a popular choice but fell out of favor in recent years," designer Margarita Bravo tells House Beautiful. "However, they are making a comeback as homeowners seek to add a touch of elegance to their kitchens." Stained glass was once limited to churches, but there's no reason your kitchen can't feel like a work of art, too. Just think about how gorgeous your glassware will look come sunset when it's housed in your one-of-a-kind stained glass cabinets.

While stained glass seems traditional, it doesn't have to be stuffy. There are all kinds of little things you can do to punch up the design of your kitchen cabinets to make them feel modern for an overall look that is a chic mix of new and old. Unique and colorful stained glass windows are poised to be one of the biggest home trends in 2024.

How to incorporate stained glass cabinets

You have two options when incorporating stained glass into your kitchen cabinets: buying cabinet doors with stained glass pre-installed or buying stained glass inserts. Odds are that this will be a custom job unless you plan on scouring Etsy for inserts. Whichever route you take, you'll want the stained glass to be unique to your kitchen and complement the room's existing colors. You may even want to choose an image or motif for the glass that carries sentimental value. A quick browse on the Internet can help give you some inspiration, or maybe you already have your heart set on a design. Some of the most popular choices include Art Deco, Art Noveau, and Celtic designs as well as floral landscapes and patterns.

Next, choose a contractor to help you put together the stained glass cabinet. Or, if you're feeling crafty, you can always tackle it DIY-style. First, remove your cabinet doors, taking care to keep all the existing hardware in one place. Then, look at the top where the door has a tongue-and-groove joint. Carefully measure the width and depth of this groove, marking the measurements with a line on the back of the cabinet. Using a circular saw, adjust the cutting depth to the depth you measured, and cut along the lines you marked. A wood chisel will help you get the wood out. From there, use a glass cutter to cut the stained glass to fit, using silicone to hold it in place inside the door frame.

Where else can you use stained glass in the home?

When adding stained glass to your home, you should know about its versatility. As stained glass has become more accessible to homeowners, it's been cropping up in homes in surprisingly modern ways. Stained glass kitchen cabinets are probably the more traditional choice, but stained glass will look gorgeous elsewhere in your kitchen. It's surprisingly cheaper than the ceramic tiles you might otherwise install for your backsplash. Plus, it gives you something gorgeous to look at while you're prepping food. It's also resistant to mold, easy to clean, and will help protect your wall from water damage. Another popular use for stained glass is as a decorative window over your kitchen sink. You'll be able to look outside, but the warped nature of the glass promotes privacy and prevents nosy neighbors from peeking in.

Moving away from the kitchen, experts recommend stained glass shower doors as great accents for small bathrooms. They double as art and privacy protectors, empowering you to finally ditch that moldy shower curtain you've been hanging onto. However, one of the coolest and most modern uses for stained glass is incorporating it into a skylight. This creates a kaleidoscopic spray of colors, depending on the time of day. And while a stained glass skylight may be better suited for a hotel than a home, it's certainly a statement piece!