Create The Perfect Rustic Farmhouse Laundry Room With TikTok's Stunning Design Idea

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As TikTok paves the way as the go-to search engine for Gen Z – and the rest of us at this point — there's no doubt it's an incredible place to go in search of visual inspiration, especially when it comes to smaller home renovation projects you can do yourself. If you're looking for more efficient use of space in your laundry room, TikToker @davenportfarmhouse shared their incredible farmhouse laundry room update, and we are here for it!

The creator transformed a relatively small laundry space into a gorgeously rustic farmhouse laundry room we couldn't help but feel massively inspired by. Although this particular style is one for the rustic readers out there, we're sure you could use the design aspects as a springboard for any style you want for your laundry room. As for the farmhouse-lovers, this one's for you. Ready to create your dream rustic farmhouse laundry room? Yee-haw, let's go!

How to DIY your own laundry room makeover

When making over your laundry room, you'll likely come across many laundry room ideas on TikTok and other places online, so you'll just need to decide what's right for you and the space you're working with. While some makeovers won't require any actual renovation and will more likely look like a bunch of new decor you've styled into the space, there are some occasions where you'll potentially need to renovate.

Much like the TikToker's laundry room update, there will sometimes be a need to install built-in cabinets — or a shiplap wall if you're going for true farmhouse style. Any renovation you do to your laundry room will likely be an expensive part of the makeover, so it's essential to budget beforehand and decide where you'd like to spend what — and how much. If needed, rope in a contractor for reassurance — unless you have experience with home DIY and are ready for the challenge.

Rustic farmhouse decor ideas for your laundry room

Why do so many people love farmhouse style in their homes, let alone in their laundry rooms? One simple answer: it's homely. It's comforting, warm, and cozy — what's not to love about that while you're folding away a fresh batch of laundry? So, where can you find the best rustic farmhouse decor for your laundry room? We can help you there.

Every laundry room needs a 'Laundry' sign, right? Otherwise, how would you know?! So, this rustic number on Amazon for $16 is an excellent choice if you want something to drop in your cart and be with you tomorrow. However, if you're feeling creative, you could always pick up a DIY kit instead.

If you decide against renovating your laundry room but still want the built-in feel, why not opt for this Amazon standing laundry shelf for just $99? It comes with four-tiered shelving, two laundry bags, and an overall rustic aesthetic — thanks to its wood/metal design. But let's say you're already well on your way to your dream farmhouse laundry room, and you just need some final touches. Take a look at this rustic laundry pod container from Amazon for $25, and thank us later.