This Fixer To Fabulous Bookcase Design Will Totally Elevate Any Playroom

Dave and Jenny Marrs are not only HGTV icons, stars of the hit show "Fixer to Fabulous," and design experts, they are also parents to five young children. So when they design a family's home, they know the importance of finding dedicated kids' space. During an episode in season 4, the Marrs knew that the Layugen family had just moved from California to Arkansas and would appreciate a new space that helped the kids feel at home. So, they designed a playroom. The end result is not just a kid-friendly area, but with their bookcase design, the room is a focal point in the home.

Dave, the contractor in the fixer-upper duo, created the bookcase himself, adding unique angles and painting the entire thing a deep red. Once his creation was paired with Jenny's vision, the entire room came to life. It featured a circus theme, stripes on the wall, and an adjacent wooden stage.

How the bookcase design made the room

Before the family renovated the home with the help of Dave and Jenny Marrs, the space was used for dining. But as the Marrs know, a dining space often goes unused and can end up being wasted space in a home. So instead, they created a space specifically for the kids that the parents would love as well. "Like many families with small children, the formal dining room was not a space the Layugens pictured themselves using much," Jenny Marrs said in her blog. "It would serve a better purpose as a play area right off the kitchen and living room where a family spends most of its time. This is where Dave and I felt we could make the greatest impact for this sweet family."

That impact was big. The room itself has a ton of standout features, including a custom stage, a desk for homework or crafts, and a circus theme that doesn't feel overdone or tacky. But the star of the show is, by far, the custom bookshelf. The bookshelf not only elevates the playroom, but with an opening to the main living space, it adds a nice design aesthetic to the entire home.

How to make a bookshelf work for your space

While Dave Marrs designed and built the bookshelf himself, you can still use the idea and make it work for your own home. When designing a playroom, you want to pay attention to things like functionality and storage and by adding a bookcase, you are allowing the room to grow with your children as their needs change. When the kids are younger, you can use it as it is intended: to store books, but you can also use the space to house their toys or art supplies. As the kids get older, and you no longer have to worry about them breaking things, you can get a bit more creative with your bookshelf.

Use the shelf to display decor items like greenery and family heirlooms or decorate it with your kids favorite things. For a fun vibe, color coordinate your books to give the bookshelf a whimsical feel. If you don't have a dedicated playroom, use a bookshelf in other spaces throughout your home. You can use vertical space by hanging a bookshelf to store books or other items, or place a bookshelf in your hallway for added storage and easy access.