TikTok Turns Big Box Store Cabinets Into Stylish DIY Shoe Storage

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If you've found yourself at the point where you own entirely too many pairs of shoes and simply don't have enough space to store them all, we're here for you. Happily, this TikTok-approved cabinet hack will make your life, and your shoe obsession, much easier to manage. It isn't just for the shoe-obsessed, either. Parents will be well aware of how easily your home can feel overcrowded, especially when you have more than one child running around. Of course, there are plenty of shoe storage solutions out there, but so many just aren't stylish. Or worse, they're bulky and stand out like a sore thumb. 

This affordable, yet efficient and crucially also heavy-duty option may be the best new addition to your home. It might even double as your latest piece of stunning decor, as well. TikTok user @briebuilds compiled a list of the best ways to use Home Depot's cabinets, and storing shoes inside was an option we couldn't ignore. Available in a wide variety of sizes and colors, these makeshift shelves can sit however and wherever you please. Many options also have an unfinished exterior, making them perfect for painting or staining at home if you're looking for a DIY project to ensure they're more unique. 

Notes on building your new cabinet

First things first, installing shaker-style cabinets is surprisingly simple and easy but adjusting the doors and drawers to your own preference takes a few more tools and time. Made of plywood, the Home Depot shaker cabinets that TikTok user @sararose152 bought came with soft-close doors and dovetail drawers, so keep these details in mind before you purchase. Also, based on the size of your drawers, always measure the space you plan to put them in beforehand, so you'll know exactly how many cabinets you need to buy.

Once your drawers are constructed, be sure they are steadied if they'll be sitting on the floor. Some great ways to keep them in place (and sturdy in case you have a house full of curious kiddos) are by buying a rubber rug pad or silicone chair leg caps to stop any sliding. These options are great if you're going to be moving your cabinets around often while in search of the perfect placement. 

With peel-and-stick pads, cup pads, and screw-on caps all being options, finding what works best for you is simple. The last thing you want is to be met with a floor that needs a touch-up immediately after buying a new cabinet. If you plan to paint, go with white, as it's a timeless choice that will melt into any background, or black if you prefer a sleeker look. Shades of green are also super chic.

How to store shoes inside

Once your cabinet looks the part, the inside is where the party is. If you'd like your shoes to be on display, remove the doors from your cabinet and let them shine for everybody who enters your home. An acrylic shelf like this one from Amazon is a great idea for highlighting key details. Lining your shoes along the shelves works just fine, too. But if this isn't your speed, grab a few baskets like this one, also from Amazon.

If you're making space for the entire family, designate different cabinets for the kids and parents. Beyond helping a ton with organization once they come home from school, this will also make it easier to know when it's time to get rid of shoes that no longer fit. Too often, we throw shoes in the back of our closets when we get new ones, so this sustainable option requires that you make space for what's actually needed. 

There are plenty of unique ways to keep your shoes from smelling horrible but be sure to choose a cabinet from Home Depot that has breathing holes if you feel that stinky shoes may be an issue for you and/or your family. Or, install them yourself, so smelly shoes will be a thing of the past. Extra points if you can drill a funky design through the wood panels that reflects your home's aesthetic even more.