Imou Brings Smart Security To Homeowners Everywhere

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These days, there's no shortage of security cameras on the market. Yet, not all product options offer the high level of reliability and functionality that's needed to keep your family and home safe from intruders and unwelcome visitors. If you want your family to stay as safe as possible, you need to choose the best security system for your home that you can. While some products fail to offer the most basic functionality reliably, others go the extra mile and include smart features that make feeling safe and secure at home more convenient than ever.

One company that has impressed us with its innovative security cameras and smart technology is Imou. Founded in 2015, it is a commercial smart home product provider that aims to provide low-cost, high-performance products to enhance home security for global consumers. With the support of Imou AI and cloud capabilities, the company creates a more convenient and efficient experience for smart product users and has become one of the top 3 Amazon brands in Italy, France, and Spain.

Purchasing an old, low-quality security camera is one of the big mistakes everyone makes when buying a home security system. If you're looking to add more security to your home, you'll want to consider Imou's unique product offerings instead. Imou's smart security devices are chock full of useful features and would make great additions to any home.

Gain perfect clarity with the battery-powered Cell Go

Helping protect your family from home intruders, the Cell Go is a battery-powered smart camera that's completely wireless. The camera offers a stunning level of clarity with its 2K resolution which allows you to see the world in impressive clarity, even at night. While the image of some cameras is too blurry to see the details of an intruder's face and get a clear grasp of what's happening outside your home, you won't have this problem with the Cell Go.

If you want to secure your home or protect your garage from break-ins, you need to minimize the downtime of your security camera. Featuring a long-lasting 5000mAh battery, the Cell Go has a reduced need for charging and provides your home with protection without constant upkeep. Since this is a smart device, there are also some other interesting features that you might not have expected. The camera connects with the Imou smartphone app, so you can easily view live and recorded playback, manage cloud storage, get security alerts, and perform other tasks remotely. 

Another interesting feature of this camera is two-way communication. The camera has two-way talk features and a built-in voice changer, so you can speak directly to any visitors you see using the smartphone app. Cell Go can also detect humans with an advanced image processing technology; the accuracy of human detection can reach 99%.

Experience long-lasting protection with the Cell PT Kit

Like the Cell Go, the Cell PT offers great clarity thanks to its 2K resolution. It also has two-way communication features and a built-in siren. The Cell PT's battery is even longer-lasting than the Cell Go and features 15000mAh of power. Not only that, the device can be attached to a solar panel, so it can always remain charged while providing endless power and protection. This strengthens your home security by reducing the chance of downtime.

The Cell PT Kit also connects with the Imou smartphone app. However, it features even more impressive PIR features, which include the ability to track moving objects to ensure a subject stays in the frame continuously. The camera has excellent mobility and includes 360° protection thanks to its panoramic panning and tilting capabilities.

If you want to protect your home, there's never been a better time. With technology such as the Imou Cell Go and Cell PT Kit now on the market, you can strengthen your home security and help keep you and your family safe. These two Imou products are currently discounted, and for their Amazon Spring Sale from March 20 to 25, you can get them for 30% off and receive free shipping, 7-day free cloud storage, a 2-year warranty, lifetime technical support, 24/7 after-sales email support, and hotline support. These two products are also available at a 15% discount throughout the year.