You Wouldn't Know This Mini Table Was Made From Dollar Tree Paper Towel Holders

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If you want to create a unique mini table, you can make your own with just a few items, like Dollar Tree paper towel holders and a wooden disc, as shown in a TikTok by the account @hometalk. This is ideal if you enjoy DIY and want to take on a new project, especially if you're already searching for a new piece of furniture. When your table is complete, you can use it anywhere around your home for decorative items, coasters, or anything else you'd put on a regular side table. The results of this project are small and charming but also fairly neutral in appearance, so they should fit right in with the rest of your decor. This item can even serve as a great alternative to a coffee table.

To complete this DIY, you'll need three or four paper towel holders from Dollar Tree ($1.25 each), a round softwood pine board from Home Depot ($12.98), sandpaper, wood stain, a hot glue gun, twine, some Rust-Oleum black spray paint (available for $6.99 on Amazon), screws, and an electric screwdriver. You'll also want some ½-inch pipe straps, which will connect everything (these are available on Amazon for $8.99). Once you have everything on hand, you can start crafting.

How to build your mini table

Start by preparing the table section of your project. Take your wooden pine board, sand it down, apply a coat of wood stain, and allow it to dry. While it does so, place your paper towel holders on some cardboard outside and spray-paint them, ensuring each one receives an even coating. These will become your table's legs. Once they're dry, bend them at a slight angle (about 25 degrees) and secure each holder's base to the underside of your wooden board using your pipe straps and screws.

All that's left is to add twine to the legs, which helps complete the overall look. Simply cut three pieces of twine of equal length, apply some hot glue to the legs where you want the twine to go, and wrap it around. You may want to do this a little bit at a time to ensure you get the exact placement you're looking for. Repeat this process for each of the legs. This DIY doesn't just look like a brand-new side table, it also gives you the perfect opportunity to create a table or stool for an outdoor space — just make sure you apply some sealant if you're putting it outdoors.

How to customize your mini table

There are plenty of ways to customize your new DIY project; for example, try painting it or using brightly colored twine around the legs to match your home's decor. For a funky look, paint the wooden tabletop pink and wrap colorful twine around the legs. (Try this twine from Etsy for $5.39). For a more elevated look, try using four straight legs rather than bending them. With some trial and error, you should be able to achieve the style you want in no time. Of course, you always have the option to swap out the paper towel holders for different legs. For instance, if you want something more decorative, like this option from Etsy that you can get for $46.90, buy the legs separately and attach them to your tabletop.

If you do decide to use paper towel holders, bear in mind how much weight they can hold, especially if you're going to decorate your side table. If you plan to use it for relatively heavy objects, you might want to consider installing the legs straight up and down. If you only plan to use the table for lighter objects like tissues or a small plant, however, slanted legs should work. Just make sure you don't make their angle too big, or they may not provide optimal support.