Best Power Tool Brands Ranked

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Skill, discipline, and creativity — these are all vital qualities that every effective builder or craftsman ought to have. But they don't mean anything if you don't have the right equipment to do the job. Whether you are planning to start working as a contractor or a DIY homeowner wanting to cut expenses on repairs, a dependable set of power tools is an investment you can't just entrust to sheer luck. There are over 100 power tool brands on eBay and nearly 150 are found in the tools and home improvement section of Amazon. But we have gone through the haystack on a mission to highlight the very best that the industry has to offer.

Given the broadness of the scope, it is challenging to objectively determine the absolute best among power tool brands. One brand may be better than another in specific areas or product types, although placed lower in the ranking. Nonetheless, the following list is based on the assessment of the brands' overall value. A detailed ranking methodology is provided at the end of the article for reference.

12. Flex

Despite being relatively new in the mainstream playing field, Flex power tools have won over both amateurs and specialists with their stellar operation. Expert handlers are particularly impressed with the speed and power of its 24V product line, which snagged several awards in recent reviews. In the 2024 Protool Reviews, the Flex 24V Brushless FX2271 was selected best in performance for best cordless drills while its 24V Hybrid Cordless 10-Inch Table Saw landed as best overall portable table saw. The FX1171T Cordless Drill was selected by Popular Mechanics as the best turbo mode in their list of best cordless drills for DIY projects.

Flex was purchased in 2013 by Chevron, a Chinese manufacturer that also owns the Skil brands, and only took up shelf space at Lowe's as recently as 2021. While it certainly has muscles to boast, the company does not yet bear the time-tested reliability that other long-serving brands have. Available reviews are still limited, but mostly land on the positive side thus far. Therefore, Flex takes a conservative position in our ranking. Nonetheless, it is crushing its way into the limelight and is a fine choice for serious DIY aficionados and starting professionals.

11. Skil

Skil is another beloved brand among DIY-ers. It's an offshoot brand of the more popular Skil Saw, a pioneer in power saw technology. While the latter mostly serves businesses and professional contractors, the company specifically created Skil to cater to its non-pro clientele. Though not built for heavy-duty use, its products are well respected by hardened practitioners and consistently record impressive outputs during comparative tests. "Other manufacturers over-engineer their tools and equip them with unnecessary bells and whistles; not the case with Skil," explains woodworker and blogger, Emilee Anderson. "Their tools are simple yet effective, which is exactly what you want."

The Skil conglomerate is ironically the result of its product, rather than the other way around. Dubbed "the saw that built America," the Model 77 Circular Saw was the very first of its kind and the foundational success of the brand. Skil now offers a wide range of power tools but is still regarded as one of the best makers of sawing equipment. The Skil 15Amp Corded Circular Saw was hailed best value in the corded category of Popular Mechanic's best circular saws for 2024. In other segments, Skil's cordless screwdriver was a category winner in the 2023 Protool Innovation Awards.

10. Kobalt

Kobalt is the exclusive tool brand of home improvement retail giant, Lowe's. Its quality competes well with other mid-tier brands and is regarded as a head-on rival of Ryobi. Though arguably not a common favorite among power tool fanatics, Kobalt deserves credit for its success in enhancing its products. Many reviews acknowledge the striking improvement in the toolmaker's performance with the launch of its 24V XTR product line in 2020. "The Kobalt XTR Max 24V is one of the best models we've tested to date," say Ross Patton and Matt Spencer from after trying the brand's latest model of cordless impact driver.

Though it targets both pros and non-pros, Kobalt is often more recommended for the latter. The occasional lack of stock and retail availability is a downside pointed out by some critics. But almost every Kobalt product user attests to its immense strength that surpasses even the popular brands in certain product types. The company's batteries are also appreciated by many for their long running time, charging speed, and exceptionally low price.

9. Craftsman

Since its acquisition by Black & Decker in 2017, Craftsman has been working its way up the power tool market ladder, especially in the non-pro section. There has been plenty of talk about the brand's improvements and even the most seasoned contractors cannot ignore its growing popularity. Some of Craftsman's products have gone head to head in test runs against leading brands and left reviewers in awe. For its lightweight build, handlers are often impressed by the power the tools can generate and their endurance.

Craftsman receives high marks for its astonishing price-performance ratio. Its V20 ½ inch Drill/Driver Kit emerged as the best bang for your buck awardee in the 2024 best cordless drill review by It is a notable achievement considering the lineup of two dozen contenders, many of which were more than twice the model's retail price. The product holds a 4.8-star rating on Amazon from over 4,500 reviews. As an overall go-to brand, it probably can't rival other high-end, heavy-duty players just yet. However, Craftsman would be an ideal choice for smaller projects.

8. Festool

Any contractor owning Festool equipment has to be a proud precision worker. This reputable brand is on the extreme high end of the pricing spectrum. For instance, its most basic 18V cordless drill starts at US$249. That's nearly three times the average price of counterpart models from other pro-level brands. However, they reciprocate the cost with their remarkable engineering. Almost every user who has invested in a Festool power tool has nothing but awe for its flawless operation. "It's not going to be worth it for a lot of folks and I get it. Buy something cheaper if you're not going for perfection," says Preston, an Amazon customer who purchased a Festool Kapex Sliding Compound Miter Saw.

The German brand does not have an expansive product lineup, but now and then, it introduces hybrid products unique to the market. It also provides a decent warranty program. Festool is a family-run business with a century-long history. The company has managed to keep a low-key identity, knowing that its products are not meant for the average Joe. For its avid followers, however, they are prized possessions.

7. Metabo HPT

Metabo HPT might be described as an underdog due to its lack of brand visibility and awareness. Ever since it was rebranded from its former name Hitachi, it has gone unnoticed by many and is often confused with its mother brand, Metabo. That's something that its marketing department needs to work on, but in terms of research and development, its products are worth much praise.

In particular, the Metabo HPT multi-volt cordless line is favored by numerous experienced users. "I own a number of Metabo HPT 18V and MultiVolt cordless power tools and have had zero regrets. Their Triple Hammer impact driver remains my favorite," said tool industry blogger Stuart Deutsch via The Metabo HPT Cordless Nail Gun secured the top spot as the best overall cordless nailgun for 2024 by Popular Mechanics. The underrated manufacturer is by no means a letdown in terms of innovation either. Its multi-volt system is one of its most praised features, allowing workers to switch from cord to cordless at will. The Metabo HPT brand only came to be in 2018, but the company has been running the course for the past 70 years under different trade names.

6. Ridgid

Although considered a niche brand focusing on piping and HVAC, Ridgid offers one of the best warranty packages on the market. While other brands offer lifetime warranties for their hand tools, Ridgid boldly offers the same for its power tools – talk about confidence in their products. And that is a big plus, considering its very reasonable pricing. Products registered to its Life Service Agreement are granted free batteries, part replacements, and servicing for an unlimited period. This significant factor pulls Ridgid several notches up on our list.

Of course, we can't judge based on warranty alone. In terms of results, Ridgid power tools do not fail to meet or even exceed expectations. "Often, we find Ridgid being very close to the top performers, but they are priced well under the other mainstream tool brands," says one member of the Protools Review team. The success of this U.S. company is propelled by its signature Gen5X motor technology. This robust engine gives its products their long-lasting power. Because it is a specialist manufacturer, Ridgid is sometimes criticized for its limited selection. However, the brand continuously introduces new products to the market. The company has been operating since 1923 and is currently owned by Emerson Electric.

5. Bosch

Alongside Dewalt, Bosch is another ubiquitous name in the global power tool landscape. In fact, it is one of the oldest mainstream brands in the market, tracing its roots back to Germany in 1886 and still thriving today. The Bosch trade network is currently present in about 150 countries. Aside from its proven dependability, the industry veteran gets extra points for its dedication to sustainability, innovation, and ergonomics. The company invests more than $5.7 billion every year in research and development and submits over 3,000 patent applications. It is also committed to attaining a zero-carbon footprint.

Bosch is a pioneer in battery technology. Some suggest that Bosch batteries are the best on the market in terms of durability. "Their batteries have some of the longest shelf lives we've experienced among manufacturers," say experts from Protools Review. Its product range is also diverse, from the bulkiest machines to the smallest accessories. Though regarded as one of the more expensive choices, the quality of its products justifies its pricing, and the trust that its name has established earns Bosch a lofty seat on our list.

4. Makita

Long known for its superb heavy-duty performance, Makita has been regarded as a top player in the market for over a century. Even professionals who have a personal preference toward other brands cannot deny the masterful quality of Makita tools. Founded in 1915, the company has been building construction equipment earlier than most other key players in the industry — a testament to its enduring competence and craftsmanship.

Aside from its vast product selection, durability, and immense strength, Makita is commended for its game-changing battery technology. It claims the title of fastest-charging lithium-ion batteries. The Makita Lithium‑Ion Rapid Optimum Charger can charge a 2.0Ah battery from zero to full load in just 25 minutes. Moreover, it has the largest compatible cordless tool system of any manufacturer. Its 18V LXT line has more than 325 products in its roster, all able to run in the same battery pack type. This revolutionary feature takes Makita to the forefront of the cordless power tool race. Although its warranty offers slightly less than other brands of the same price range, these advantages still place Makita in a solid position in our ranking.

3. Ryobi

While Milwaukee wins the approval of pro users, its sister brand, Ryobi takes the spotlight in the non-professional scene. Known for being user-friendly, reasonably priced, and widely accessible, this popular brand is the most recommended for DIY folks and homeowners. Although they understandably do not match the durability and power of professional-grade units, Ryobi products demonstrate exceptional quality as consumer market tools. Some industry practitioners find them so reliable that they even include them as part of their regular on-site equipment. "​​They had survived the abuse of multiple house restorations and also my real work on site," says user Pyro Control on Another user, Kai Clarke, exclaims, "Debatably the best bang for your buck out there!"

Ryobi's 18V Brushless Hammer Drill was named the best cordless drill for DIY for the year 2024 by Protools Review. Meanwhile, the Ryobi 40V brushless chainsaw won as the best battery-powered chainsaw. As a member of the Techtronic Industries group, Ryobi is also an active innovator. Its clever One+ battery pack technology is among its biggest selling points, enabling the same battery pack to be used for hundreds of different tools.

2. Milwaukee

2024 seems to be a special year for the power tools community. Coincidentally, our runner-up is also turning a century old this year. Founded in 1924 from the remnants of a factory fire, Milwaukee has now grown into one of the titans of the industry. Its products are frequent top competitors in comparative tests and are favored by many industry specialists. If you work in the US or Canadian construction industry, you are almost certain to have held at least one Milwaukee tool.

The Milwaukee product line is one of the most recognized in the most recent Protool Reviews Buying Guide, snatching the titles for this year's best power tool combo kit, best cordless reciprocating saw, best overall cordless drill, and all battery-powered categories for best nail gun. It has a 4.8 overall rating on from more than 400 reviews — one of the highest on the site. The only reason it does not claim the top spot in our list is that the brand is geared toward professionals and is not always the best option for small projects. Nonetheless, its outstanding record and numerous positive reviews bring it to our number two seat. Since 2005, the Milwaukee brand has been run by Hong Kong-based international company, Techtronic Industries.

1. Dewalt

Dewalt ranks first on our list because it is the most widely appreciated brand on the market, both by professionals and amateurs, whether for heavy construction or simple tasks in multiple product categories. Its popularity is no accident, surely. Dewalt power tools are known for their vast selection, excellent performance, and user-friendly design. Many of their models achieve high ratings in professional tests, often beating or coming close to those of other mainstream brands. Several users attest that Dewalt is the most successful in producing consumer market tools that can compete at a pro level. It is also one of the broadest in terms of market availability — Dewalt tools can be bought almost anywhere in the world.

Though originally focused on corded power tools, the world-renowned tool maker has continuously grown its cordless selection, finding favor among DIY enthusiasts. In a comparative review published by Forbes, the Dewalt Atomic 20V-max drill reigned as the best cordless drill for home repairs. Moreover, the company scored multiple categories in the coveted Popular Mechanics best tools awards for 2024, securing top spots for best compact hammer drill, best rivet tool, and best drywall combo. Dewalt is part of the Black & Decker brand and is headquartered in Maryland. The industry giant celebrates its 100th anniversary this year.

Ranking methodology

The list above is based on numerous sources including consumer reviews and forums, news and press releases, awards and recognitions, and testimonies of active practitioners. We also went through dozens of product tests conducted by industry experts from ProTool Reviews, Popular Mechanics, and other trusted sites. We only referred to the actual tests that were done recently in a professional workshop setting with published numeric results. The key factors considered include efficiency of operation, durability, endurance, cost-effectiveness, warranty inclusions, innovativeness, and user-friendliness. The trust rating, coverage of distribution, corporate social responsibility, and length of service of the manufacturer were also taken into account.