No Demo Reno's Jenn Todryk Shares A Unique Decor Must-Have For Any Book Lover

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If there's anything we've learned from HGTV's Jenn Todryk, it's that just a few choice upgrades in a home can go a long way. On "No Demo Reno," the designer proves that you don't need to break out a hard hat to make a house feel like home and show off your unique personality. Thankfully, you don't have to apply for a spot on Todryk's HGTV series to utilize her design tips and tricks. On her blog, "The Rambling Redhead," Jenn Todryk shares affordable décor pieces to elevate your home's design. And while everyone loves functional upgrades to bedding, throws, and lighting, one of her suggestions stands out as a unique decorative showstopper for any bookworm on a budget.

The designer recommends a simple upgrade that can transform your pile of books into a focal point of design—decorative bookends. Todryk's selections include boho resin face bookends from Amazon and other unique pieces available on Amazon for under $50. To introduce her list of designer-approved décor, she writes, "I'm challenging myself to show more items I have purchased and how I style them." Adding, "I own quite a few of these items and have ordered some that I don't have." For most homeowners, a bookshelf is little more than a spot to store books, and you probably have some stacks of books that don't do much for your design. But with Todryk's bookends and styling tips, you can use your collection of page-turners as interior design eye-catchers too.

Unique bookends add personality

On many of Jenn Todryk's "No Demo Reno" projects, she finds creative ways to use uses books and bookends to creatively decorate bookshelves. Instead of drab storage spaces, she turns them into designed displays that showcase a homeowner's personality and style. When designing with books, Todryk is a fan of color-coordinating her books and bookends. She's utilized a stack of black books and paired it with monochrome striped bookends on HGTV. She's also bookended neutral books with white arched marble bookends.

But, the designer isn't afraid to go bold with her bookends, recommending interesting mixed material marble and wood shapes and a set of vintage cast iron horse bookends from Amazon. Her suggestions show that bookends aren't just about function, they're a unique, affordable way to show off your personality. Book lovers may already have a stack in mind to show off, but lots of homeowners might have paperbacks and titles that don't seem as worthy of display. For Todryk, these can be just as useful. "Give old books that were once in boxes or closets new life as they can be great décor that you already had on hand," she advises on her blog. "If the names of the books or spines are distracting, turn the books around ... there are no rules!" While getting creative with books and bookends is a great start, other simple design tricks can help you transform any bookshelf or built-in into a stylish centerpiece for your interior design. 

Tips to transform bookshelves

So, you're sold on getting a pair of decorative bookends. But if you're looking at your bookshelf or built-in and wondering how you're going to transform it from storage space into a center point for interior design, a few quick tips will help. The first tip for refreshing bookshelf décor is taking a cue from Jenn Todryk and mixing up what's displayed from shelf to shelf. In her HGTV projects, you won't see shelves lined with rows and stacks of books crammed into every nook and cranny. Instead, the designer knows that the key to creating visual variety and different little areas for the eye to land.

One important way to do this is to stagger your books in smaller collections, leaving space between each stack or each shelf to add decorative pieces like photo frames, vases, and unique trinkets and heirlooms. There are countless ways to decorate bookshelves without books, but it's all about variety over uniformity. If you have books, organize them so each stack doesn't have another stack right next to, above, or below it. Arranging stacks in a zigzag or diagonal method creates more visual contrast. Another trick is to alternate heights, shapes, colors, and textures. Don't be afraid to pair natural wood candelabras beside brass bookends or black and white books next to a colorful accessory box. Even if you're not an avid reader, you can use creativity and design to tell your own story in your home.