The Lawn Mower TikTok Is Obsessing Over And What Makes It So Great

If you're a homeowner, you're probably familiar with the woes of buying a new lawn mower. Even if you find one that's the right size for your needs, finding a model with a high-quality motor and battery — and one that's worth the money — can be quite the hassle. If you're constantly wondering whether or not you're using the right lawn mower for your grass, you may need an update. We went hunting for a solution and ended up where all good hacks and shortcuts are found: TikTok.

Gravely lawn mowers are all the rage right now. If you have a big yard with lots of curves and tight spaces, or if you're just itching for a low-maintenance lawn, these mowers might be perfect for you — especially if you love a joyride. In particular, the brand's 36-inch option, as demonstrated in a TikTok by user @nateslawncare, is easy to navigate and can likely mow your lawn in a fraction of your standard time. The machine also excels at mowing both brush and overgrowth.

For many, the biggest drawback will likely be the price. The specific mower shown in the video, the Pro-Stance 36 Kawasaki, starts at just over $9,000, so let's compare it to some of the brand's other options to see if one of them might work for you.

How other Gravely mowers stack up

If you have $9,000 to spend on a new lawn mower, more power to you. It's a great option, especially for folks who may have difficulty maneuvering around their yard — or for those tired of searching for a lawn maintenance company. Investing in a high-quality mower might be the right move, and according to the Pro-Stance's product page, Gravely may offer financing. If you don't want to commit to this option, however, the brand has plenty of other products.

The ZT 42 Kawasaki, listed on Gravely's website for $3,999, is one option that's a fraction of the Pro-Stance's price but claims to offer a similarly smooth ride. Ideal for folks in residential neighborhoods, this mower features a zero-turn motor that allows a quick cut for a gorgeous lawn. Additionally, rather than standing on the back of the vehicle, you can sit inside. Be aware, however, that a sitting mower can still cause your body wear and tear if you use it too often, as the constant jerking may contribute to back pain. Standing mowers are also a bit more agile and are often easier to store.

How Gravely mowers compare to other brands

Gravely mowers seem to be the talk of the town for a reason. Known to exceed expectations in both comfort and precision, this brand's products are great for both residential and commercial use, and the company offers various options for both electric and brush mowers. According to a TikTok video from user @powellslawncare, their model is "built like a tank." After they used it, however, a few flaws stood out. Primarily, they disliked the way it dispersed grass. Though it provided a clean cut, grass would catch on the deck and leave a streak, making cleaning difficult. So, if you're looking for an easy clean, keep in mind that Gravely's double zero-turn motor may not be ideal.

Another brand that considers itself a "trusted name in turf care" is Grasshopper Mowers. In a TikTok video, user @sixtenlandscaper recommends the 52-inch Stand-On option for its smooth ride and adjustable coil suspension, which provides increased speed and an extended motor life. While this model starts at just over $12,400, it's worth considering if you have a lawn service or landscaping business.

Another comparable standing model is the Dr. Power DR Field and Brush Mower. Starting at $3,339, this electric starter has 50% more power than its original design, making it great on power steering and for mowing slopes.