Turn Ordinary Dollar Tree Seeds Into A Magical Spring Garden

You might not think to go to Dollar Tree when starting a flower garden, but dollar store seeds are an economical way to get the floral oasis of your dreams. Their seed packets typically have high germination rates, giving you the success you're hoping for. So, while flower seed packets often start at $1.69 per pack at The Home Depot, the Dollar Tree price of $1.25 per packet makes them hard to beat. You can stock up on flowers for a lower price and make your garden look lush.

Dollar Tree seeds aren't any different from seeds from elsewhere, so you can start them just as you would any other. Be sure to choose the flowers that will thrive in the space you have for the best results. Some flowers need to be started indoors, while you can sow others directly in the ground outdoors. The selection of seeds may differ at each store. If you can't find what you're looking for, you may need to visit multiple locations or check their website to see if they sell them online.

Choose the right flowers for your space

Make sure you know what kind of seeds you need before you purchase them. If you have a shaded area, you'll need plants that don't require a lot of sunlight, while sunny, open spaces will require flowers that crave sunlight. If you struggle to keep the ground moist, opt for drought-tolerant varieties like blanket flowers, zinnias, pansies, or gazanias. If you want a magical look, aim to get as many pastel colors into your garden as possible.

Height is an important factor to consider when planting seeds. If you want flowers near your vegetable garden, don't choose tall varieties like mammoth sunflowers that will tower over your edible plants and cast too much shade. Short flowers work well next to plants that need a lot of sunshine or underneath windows. You also need to consider how much of the area you want covered in flowers. Some plants, like milkweed, can reseed themselves quickly, whether via seed or underground rhizome. If you're going to mix herbs and flowers, remember that mint can take over the garden, so don't plant it inside a flowerbed, or it will take over.

How to grow Dollar Tree seeds

Many annual flowers should be planted indoors so they can get a head start to grow and bloom in the summer. However, if you live in a warm climate, you should have enough time to sow the seeds outdoors. There are plenty of ways to start seeds, and you can always look for TikTok seed-starting hacks to get some ideas. Add some seed-starting soil to a container, whether you choose an egg carton or a plastic cup. Sprinkle some seeds on top and cover them lightly. Some seeds, like snapdragons, need sunlight to germinate and can be left on the top of the soil. Keep the seeds moist until their first set of true leaves develop. Then, you can repot into a larger container if necessary. Transplant them outside once the danger of frost has passed and the plants are a few inches tall.

Growing flowers outdoors is similar. Make sure the soil is loose so the tender roots can easily move throughout. Unless the seeds you chose require darkness to germinate, you can sprinkle the seeds over the soil and walk over them. Doing so will press them into the soil enough to prevent being washed away, but they won't be buried. Carefully water them and keep the soil moist for the next couple of weeks or until the seedlings develop their first sets of true leaves. For most varieties, won't have to water as often as they get bigger.