The Gorgeous Flowering Tree That'll Attract Birds To Your Yard

Planting a tree in your yard is a commitment. Unlike plants which can easily be moved and replanted, when you plant a tree, it's meant to stay. Naturally, you want to make a good choice and many people want the added beauty of trees that produce blooms. Thankfully there are lots of options since there are quite a few flowering trees that are perfect for any yard. One favorite is the Yoshino cherry tree which is known for its beautiful white to pale pink blossoms, and will also attract birds to your yard.

The Yoshino cherry tree is a deciduous tree that grows quickly and blooms in the spring. The tree is massive — they typically reach 30 and 50 feet in height while their stunning canopy can be 25 to 40 feet wide. Beyond their gorgeous visual display, these trees can help create a healthy and thriving ecosystem in your yard, largely because birds just love them. With large branches that spread outward, the canopy is appealing to a variety of birds. Smaller birds can find refuge from predators and harsh weather while others build nests in the dense branches.

Why birds love the Yoshino cherry tree

In addition to its swooping canopy, another natural feature of the Yoshino cherry tree is that it provides nearby birds with a steady food supply. After the tree's flowers bloom in the spring and as summer begins to set in, the blossoms slowly fade. That is when small, black fruits start to emerge on the branches. They are known as drupes and are typically about the size of a pea.

Oddly enough, to humans, these fruits tend to have a very bitter taste. However, for many bird species, these tiny fruits are delicious and devoured quickly. You'll notice robins, cardinals, orioles, mockingbirds, cedar waxwings, finches, and even sparrows flocking to Yoshino cherry trees in late summer, eager to feast on the supply of new fruit. The fruit is thought to be mildly sweet but highly acidic so has a sour taste. It is green when it begins to grow, darkens to red, and then turns black when fully mature. As a food source, it helps birds fuel up so they can breed, raise their young, and get ready for their late summer migrations.

Birds help the Yoshino cherry tree, too

The Yoshino cherry tree isn't simply a giving tree to birds. There is a healthy mutual exchange. While birds enjoy the fruit and shelter offered by the trees, it also has one more benefit to offer. Its fragrant blossoms attract a variety of insects, including butterflies, bees, and beetles. These insects are a valuable source of protein for many birds.

Birds also play a vital role in the health of the Yoshino cherry tree. Birds like bluejays and northern cardinals become regular visitors during the blooming season to feast on the pollen and help spread it. They also actively hunt the insects drawn to the nectar-rich flowers which can also help boost a pollinator garden. As birds feed on the fruits, they disperse the seeds, which aid in the propagation of the tree. By eating harmful insects, birds also help to control insect populations that could damage the tree.